She Thought No One Was Looking When She Did This Disgusting Thing [VIDEO]

There is very little privacy nowadays with phone cameras and CCTV.  Still, there are people who think they will go unnoticed. That’s what happened to one young lady who was recently spotted at a car wash.  She pulled up to the quarter vacuums and looked around carefully to make sure no one was watching her.  When she was convinced that they weren’t she dropped her pants and panties to her knees and squatted down to relieve herself.  Looking around again, she thought she was in the clear.  She quickly stood up and pulled up her pants as fast as she could.

 The video, which lasts about 45-seconds, gets right to the point. The girl, who is driving a Volkswagen Golf has pulled up to one of the coin-operated vacuum cleaners.

She quickly looks in both directions. When the young woman realizes that no one is watching her – except for the security camera – she puts her thumbs around her belt and lowers her pants. Dropping them to her knees, she then squats down very low.

She hugs the front of her legs and quickly begins to relieve herself. She is very focused on the task at hand.

While cars speed by on the road nearby, the blonde woman creates a puddle of her own pee at her feet.

She remains in position for a few moments. Then she looks both ways again and quickly finishes what she started.

Then at the 30-second mark, she rises to her feet and pulls her jeans up and over her buttocks. She quickly does it without trying to be seen.

The young woman then goes about trying to disguise her relief puddle. The takes a water bottle from the backseat of her Volkswagen. After dropping it, she opens it and begins spraying her pee with the water to dilute it.

The video cuts out and the incident is over.



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