• April 18, 2024

Criminal Thugs Burst Into Tears After Judge Says 2 Words [VIDEO]

 Criminal Thugs Burst Into Tears After Judge Says 2 Words [VIDEO]

Criminals like to act tough on the street as a way of gaining ‘street cred’ and becoming respected and feared among their fellow lowlifes. However when these criminals are caught, the tough-guy routine sometimes disappears quickly.

WCIV reported that two teenagers, Jacob Mouzon, 17, and Drake Campbell, 18, were reduced to blubbering after a South Carolina judge said two words to them in court.

The two teens were charged with two counts of armed robbery, burglary, murder and attempted murder after they participated in a home invasion that ended with the homeowner being shot execution-style.

This coldblooded killers could take a life, but they couldn’t stand for five minutes in a courtroom without crying like pathetic wimps.

“Jacob’s my best friend. And I know what he did was wrong. I completely understand that, but he’s not a bad person,” said Mouzon’s sister who apparently doesn’t understand that killing a human being is literally the definition of being a bad person.

“These kids are not awful terrible kids,” said family members who were probably in denial that they had successfully raised a couple of coldblooded murderers.

In South Carolina, a summary court judge cannot legally give bond to people on murder charges. The issue of bail will instead be sent to a circuit court judge — who will hopefully keep these murderers locked up.

If you commit a murder, then you deserve everything that happens to you. Killing someone in self-defense is one thing, but killing someone in the commission of a crime is something else entirely.

Assuming these two are found guilty of the charges against them, they deserve harsh punishment — even if their family members refuse to accept reality.

Source: ABC News 4

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