Couple Amazed By What They Found In An Old Trailer [PHOTOS]

It had been an object of curiosity for decades; with its bright yellow color and distinctly retro shape, people always took notice. The trailer hadn’t been used in years. Everyone assumed it was dusty, dirty, and full of insects and animals.

Luckily, someone decided to find out the truth and ventured inside.

Where they expected to find a neglected interior, they found an almost perfectly preserved time capsule. The furniture was intact, the décor still in place, and the charm still present.

One thing for sure, machines and vehicles were built to last in the 1950s. One inimitable piece of proof of this fact is a 35-foot luxury Vagabond trailer that was built in 1953. This trailer is almost unique in that was only used for a very few years before the owners parked it, and it remained untouched for several decades. The exterior appearance of the trailer did not really fade much with time, but still, everyone who saw the Vagabond assumed the interior was old and worn.

When family members of the original owners finally took a look inside the trailer, they found themselves surrounded by vintage luxury. Keep in mind that these 1950s trailers were designed to truly replace a home, and were marketed to those who moved from city to city every few years or to “snowbirds” who traveled seasonally.

Built in 1953, this gorgeous 35-foot Vagabond trailer was only used for a few years. Then, the couple who purchased it parked it and left it alone for decades. Although its exterior looks never faded, everyone assumed the inside was derelict since no one ever used it. The original appliances still remain. And the best part is that they’re all functional and perfect, for an authentic midcentury modern feel.


There were plenty of surprises waiting inside for the new owner. Far from the derelict conditions they were expecting, everything was immaculate. Aside from the upholstery and flooring, they left everything, from the wood paneling to the curtains, in its original condition.

Just one look at the trailer gives a glimpse into life in the 1950s. What a delight.

The appliances alone are incredible; they’re original to the trailer and still in perfect working condition. Even 60 years after its manufacture, the fridge is still keeping food cool just like it should.


There’s a working stove, too, which uses propane. Just make sure the tank is full, and you can cook all the meals you need.


Twin beds in the bedroom are ready to provide the new owners with a good night’s sleep and the original paneling lends a cozy atmosphere. This camper has all the comforts of home, with the benefit of being able to go wherever you like.


This trailer is the perfect substitute for a traditional, brick-and-mortar home.


Whether it was used for business or leisure, this trailer is all anyone could want and more. Once inside, it doesn’t even look like a trailer; you could easily pretend you were in a cabin, instead.


Although it’s not pictured here, the Vagabond even has a full-size bathtub — how many campers can say the same?

After years spent in storage, this trailer finally gets to hit the open road with regularity. It has a new owner now, one who takes it across the country on all kinds of adventures.


New life has been given to the bright yellow Vagabond, and it looks like it’s made some new friends, too!

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