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Celebrities Who Are Supposedly Really Bad In Bed

 Celebrities Who Are Supposedly Really Bad In Bed

They may have the looks.  They may have the money.  They may have the fame.  But it doesn’t necessarily follow that they have the skills needed between the sheets.  Here is a list of the celebrities who while successful in life are duds in bed.


Rumored to be a “drunken prude that didn’t seem to like [expletive],” by Nick Carter, the Hilton heiress did not impress. Carter even went as far to say that Hilton “relied on drugs and drink to give her confidence in the bedroom and was more often than not too wasted to even perform.”

Ouch, we understand the consequences of when men can’t perform, but it is a completely different story when a girl is not able to. Yikes. It’s funny that Paris would be accused of such a thing, especially since her fame has spurred from the leaking of her sex tape in 2004.


As the poster child for heartbreak, there has to be something wrong with Taylor Swift that she is not leading on, right? Well, the starlet has been dubbed “a prude” by One Direction singer Harry Styles for only wanting to kiss and go no further. Although this can be considered a respectable attribute for a lady, it seems as though Taylor is more of a tease than anything.

It’s not like Taylor wants to be remotely associated with anything sexual anyway. Not only has she bought up all online pornography domains that are associated with her name, she is apparently very uncomfortable with being viewed as a sex symbol.



 Australian pop star and rapper Iggy Azalea has some interesting habits in bed and quite a reputation. The artist reportedly does not sleep with anyone sober and literally hits it and quits it. Leaving the men left wondering in the morning, she even goes as far as relinquishing her merchandise to her partners as “parting gifts.” How weird is that?!

But apparently, Iggy is not quite so careless with her life in the bedroom since getting into a relationship with Los Angeles Lakers player Nick Young. The two are very open about their relationship with Young telling New York Post, “I like her style — but it’s not about what she puts on. I have more fun taking her clothes off.”


On the court, Maria Sharapova is easily one of the most sexy female athletes of all time, but apparently Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine does not agree after spending time with her after the match.

“I can’t tell you how disappointed I was. I really thought, like a lot of guys, that she’d be the loud screaming type … She wouldn’t make any noise during [expletive]… She just lay there like a dead frog. She even got angry if I started to moan, said it ‘ruined her concentration’. It was so disillusioning that I went on Paxil for a month afterwards,” said Levine, although he now denies the quote completely. This has to be one of the most awkward sounding sexcapades around, right?


Although it is unclear whether Demi is good in bed or not, she couldn’t keep Ashton around, so we’re leaning more toward not great. However, a Star source gave the actress a backhanded compliment by telling the magazine: “Her relationships don’t end for lack of bedroom excitement.” What do you think? She definitely is sexy, though.

According to grantland.com, “Demi Moore ‘likes to think of [the act] as a performance and loves to role-play for her man. She’s pretended to be everything from a naughty teacher, a scuba instructor, even a rodeo clown.’” Perhaps something could be said of Moore’s inability to be herself in the bedroom.


Deemed the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton compared Jolie to a “couch” when it came to lovemaking. As a very public and open speaker on intimate matters in the past during interviews, it is interesting to hear that Angelina doesn’t quite deliver on the façade she has been pitching for years.

If anything, Angelina’s sexual appetite isn’t really satisfied by traditional love-making, which is why past lovers might claim that she’s no goddess in the sack. In 2007, Jolie told OK! magazine, “I had started having [expletive] with my boyfriend and the [expletive] and the emotions didn’t feel enough. I was no longer a little girl. In a moment of wanting to feel closer to my boyfriend, I grabbed a knife and cut him. He cut me back.”


According to ex- boyfriend Marc Terenzi, Spears doesn’t know her way around the sack at all. Following the breakup of Britney and Justin Timberlake, in her prime, Terenzi shared his personal critique of Britney behind closed doors with British newspaper The Daily Sport.

He was quoted saying that “Half the time she didn’t even know what she was doing. Britney was inexperienced compared to most other women. She has an amazing body and certainly knows how to turn a guy on in her pictures and videos. But, when it comes to real life it’s a different story. Other girls I’ve been with are ten times the woman she could ever be.” Ouch.


Appearing as such an erotic symbol in his movies like Get Him To The Greek and Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Russell Brand is apparently all talk and no walk. Reliving her awkward intimate encounter with Brand, the granddaughter of actor Andrew Sachs, Georgina Baillie, called the actor “a disappointment in bed” and told the press that he kept quoting Andrew’s catchphrase during the whole night. Seriously, Brand?

Despite the accusation, Brand has the reputation of a sex addict around the UK and Hollywood. Of his marriage to Katy Perry, he says that when they were together, they were up for some pretty “freaky” things in the bedroom.


Simply taking one look at this stunning Australian model, you would think she would know her way around the sheets, but she begs to differ! Quoted saying “I think I am a dud, honestly. No one is going to tell you you’re bad in bed,” there are no sources that have come forward to prove her theory true. Give yourself a break, Sophie!

Despite her bombshell looks, one might say that Sophie doesn’t view herself as a sex symbol. She reportedly turned down an offer to pose for Playboy and instead stayed home in Australia to promote a shapewear line. She admitted to her local radio station that she isn’t comfortable with her body.


The King of hip swinging apparently didn’t know how to use them under the sheets, which is seriously disappointing. The ultimate sex symbol of the 50s was famous for disappointing women that his friend Byron Raphael would acquire for him. Among these beautiful women was the beautiful Natalie Wood and even she was quoted as saying Elvis “didn’t know how to screw.” Dang, sorry King!

In a report by DailyMail, author Joel Williamson’s Elvis Presley: A Southern Life recounted Elvis’s crude sex life, including the fact that he preferred young women who had no experience whatsoever. In reference to Priscillia, with whom he had a daughter, they would foreplay for a long time but never engage in the actual act. This was probably because Elvis was trying to hide the fact that he wasn’t that good?


Poor, beautiful actress and model Kelly Brook was put on blast by jerk ex-boyfriend and Rugby player Danny Cipriani called her “boring in bed.” This tabloid came bleeding out of the papers after he was reportedly cheating with and sexting other women during their relationship. Way to lay it on thick, Danny!

A source told CelebsNow, “He’d always say:’You’re sexy–she’s not’ and ‘You’ve got it.’ The strange thing was, Danny would never, ever admit that he was seeing Kelly…He’d deny it. He’d say she wasn’t good in bed and it was boring. I’d say, ‘It’s great you’re back together,’ but he says to me, ‘We’re not together – we just went out.’”


After watching 8 Mile and listening to Eminem’s songs, there was clearly bad blood between Marshall Mathers and ex-wife Kim so this one does not shock us much. Kim was quoted saying, “He’s not very well endowed…. If you’re going to have [expletive] with Marshall, make sure you have a little blue pill, because otherwise, it does not work.” The rapper definitely has a way with words, but apparently, his game ends there. Ouch.

Eminem might have been so lackluster in bed, that some might say it drove her to look for intimacy in others. According to a 2003 report by news24, “Kim has a sexual hold on him because of her bisexuality. She brings women home and puts them in bed with her, and when Marshall comes in he doesn’t come home to just Kim – he comes home to whatever’s in bed.”


Although this may not say much, considering Brand made our list earlier as “disappointing,” the British actor was quoted saying that he would picture being “with anyone else” while he was “making love” to former wife, Katy. This must have been the worst time ever with someone so dysfunctional. However, we can only assume that these words coming from Brand were bitter and hateful after their divorce.

According to HollywoodLife.com, Katy couldn’t even satisfy Brand’s sexual appetite. The report says, “despite Kat’s attempts to keep the spark alive in the bedroom by scheduling monthly date nights at swanky hotels, it was ‘never enough.’ Russell’s… fetishes were also reportedly hard for Katy to keep up with.”


Apparently, there is nothing else to say about Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong, other than the fact that he has been improperly named. Someone holding the last name Armstrong should live up to the hype and Billie Joe falls inches short if you know what we mean! At only 3 inches, groupies have deemed Billie’s willy as the tiniest in all of rock… so far, at least!

Not only does BJA not have much to say for himself in the bedroom, there are also rampant rumors that he plays for both teams. Fans cite a lot of references to being gay or bisexual in Green Day’s songs and lyrics.


Ex-boyfriend of the stunning Charlize Theron, Irish actor and director Stuart Townsend apparently only delivers onscreen. With no ill-will toward Townsend, the beauty was quoted saying that Stuart became more of a brother rather than a lover, which is never what you want to hear from an ex-girlfriend, let alone present one! Hmmm, wonder what happened there Stuart?

DailyMail reveals that their source said, “They had become more like brother and sister than lovers. It was she who ended it.” This leads us to believe that their life in the bedroom was less than exciting and perhaps Townsend just wasn’t delivering!


The demeanor and persona that Tiger Woods gives off were enough to tip off the author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, Dr. John Gray. After studying Tiger’s relationship with ex-wife Elin, Dr. Gray concluded that Tiger wasn’t satisfying the stunning model. In a report published by Huffington Post, Gray says that “power is a potent aphrodisiac” and that’s probably what got Tiger and Elin going at the start of their marriage.

Gray says, “I strongly suspect that this was not a satisfying sexual relationship with either partner. If he saw the conquest of other women as a form of validation, he was shortchanging his marriage. If Elin, his wife, did not question her own needs, let alone recognize his, in time this disconnect would have driven them apart.”


As the hilarious director that he is, it makes sense that Judd Apatow would take to humor when talking about his game. Calling himself “not the greatest lover,” he believes his moves are only getting worse. Considering he has been married to the lovely Leslie Mann for over 20 years and she doesn’t seem to be complaining too much, give yourself a break Apatow!

Of his first time, he is quoted as saying, “I said to the girl after my first time, ‘Hey, was it good for you, too?’ And she said, ‘Well, I guess it’ll get better eventually.’” The only thing that Judd might need to work on is his confidence!


Speaking of weird though, what could be more strange than signing a contract before engaging in risque acts? Apparently, heartthrob and Hollywood bad boy Justin Bieber does that exact thing with all of his “partners.” Now, is that because they can’t claim that you hurt them or so they cannot tell the press how utterly disappointed they were during the “experience?” Anyone that is careful enough to put girls through this cannot be too much to write home about. Can he?

But apparently it doesn’t take much for the Biebs to get a girl in bed. Reports say that “Justin will take a woman for a drive in his flashy car before bringing her back to his massive home in Calabasas,” in a James Bond sort of way. The extravagant little outing is probably a distraction from the disappointment they will inevitably face.


Again with the mouthy vixen, Karrine Steffans had some words to say about Wyclef Jean’s lovemaking and breath. Putting her former lover on blast, she wasn’t that impressed with the dental health of the musician and composer and was not shy about it. Poor Wyclef, hopefully he gets breath figured out for his next lover!

In 2012, Wyclef Jean made claims that he and Lauryn Hill had an alleged affair and that she made him believe that he was the father of her son. However, Rohan Marley, the boys real father, claimed that it was all lies, since Jean is the one who set both of them up in the first place.


Drizzy Drake himself was put on blast back in 2013 by ex-lover and former video vixen Cyn Santana. The Houston Dreams dancer told the press that Drake had a “small package” and stared at himself in the mirror during their carnal engagement. Cyn even said that he was a “selfish lover” and for the ladies waiting backstage to not waste their time!

A Los Angeles-based stripper who allegedly got down and dirty with the rapper also said that “His [expletive] is not really big, but it’s THICK… He was laying there on the bed with his leg spread open and my face in his [expletive] and his legs shaking.” So apparently Drake hides his poor bedroom skills by sticking to other things.

Colin Farrell

You would think with such a heavenly face that Colin Farrell would really know his stuff, but apparently he falls short of expectation in this category. According to Woody Allen’s au pair that spent some alone time with the actor, Farrell’s love making resembled that of a virgin.

So much so that she was quoted saying she had to throw Colin multiple fake orgasms because she felt bad for the guy. Ouch, sorry Colin. In 2006, Farrell sued his ex-girlfriend Nicole Narain who released a video of the both of them in the act. Maybe he didn’t want anyone to see the truth.


Although we lost Layne back in 2002, the Alice in Chains lead singer was not known for being the best lover. In addition to being coined as a “sexual disappointment” by numerous groupies, they even measured him at 3-4 inches of unsatisfied length.

Sadly, 8 years to the day after we lost Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain, Staley overdosed on cocaine and heroin after a long battle with drug addiction. According to UpVenue.com, Staley’s drug addiction most likely stemmed from his parent’s divorce, which took a toll on him at only seven years old. Considering that Staley was battling his own demons, being good in bed probably wasn’t a top concern.


The famous MSNBC commentator Keith Olbermann is a “dud in bed” according to an anonymous source that goes by the name of KarmaBites1. The unknown female came forward with details about their encounter saying that she “pretended he knew what he was doing.” Olbermann, obviously being upset over the embarrassing announcement, emailed her days after telling her to never contact him again. Go figure.

Apparently, Olbermann wouldn’t take the accusations lying down, so to speak. in 2006, Page Six reported that “branded lousy in the sack, [Olbermann] apparently doesn’t want his viewers to suffer the same sad fate. The MSNBC loudmouth has started running commercials for [expletive]-enhancing drug Cialis on his ‘Countdown with Keith Olbermann.’”


We hate to break it to you ladies out there, but apparently, one of Hollywood’s hunkiest men of all time is said to be awful in bed. That’s right, Bradley Cooper. Not only is Bradley said to neglect lovemaking skills, but apparently he likes to use different languages like French in the bedroom and it’s not sexy.

One even called him Pepe Le Pew! Unfortunately, we are not sure of the source that claimed this, but it is said to stem from one of his exes. So it could either be true or just hateful bitterness. We’re hoping for the second

Jennifer Aniston filming in New York City

Ever since her days as Rachael Green on Friends, Jennifer Aniston has been the fantasy of many nineties men across America. Even though Jennifer Aniston seems like a down-to-earth chick onscreen and in her Aveeno commercials, apparently she is a real-life primadonna in the sack.

Jen is said to be quite selfish in bed and even uses different excuses to not have sex in the first place. “She just lays there and wants to do none of the work…She makes up every excuse to skip [‘love making’] and never initiates it” said the source. Dang Jen, hope that’s not true!


Oh no, not Brad! As the hunkiest of all men in Hollywood, you would think that Pitt would be the most amazing in the bed of all of them, but apparently, this is not so. Actress Juliette Lewis was quoted saying that sleeping with Brad was “no BIG deal.” Hopefully, these words are coming from a dark place of bitterness and resentment and every girl doesn’t have to give up their greatest Brad Pitt fantasy!

There are also reports that Brad is a closet bisexual! In 2015, Star reported that Brad likes to stray to males and that Angelina is apparently okay with this.


And not in the way that you think. With such a rockin’ body and talent for dancing, we are happy to report that Julianne Hough is not exactly bad in bed but more “bad with words.” Attempting to engage in dirty talk with fiancé and hockey player Brooks Laich apparently, ends in laughter and disaster for the adorable dancer/ actress. But, hey, it’s better than being bad in bed!

She told Cosmopolitan, “I’ll get halfway through and start laughing. It’s an art. I applaud people who are good at it. They need to come and help me keep a straight face!”

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