• February 23, 2024

Can you hear me now? – Maggots removed from young boy’s ear along with pain [video]

 Can you hear me now? – Maggots removed from young boy’s ear along with pain [video]

Shocking moment doctor removing dozens of maggots from boy’s ear – photo credit – YouTube

Earaches are very common in young children. Just ask any parent. But what is not typical is what doctors found in the ear of a young boy who had been suffering from severe earaches according to UPI. What the video reveals may raise the hair on some viewers’ skin as they watch the doctor work.

The very idea that creepy little bugs are wandering around inside a young child’s ear and possibly even worse can send chills up a normal person’s spine, but these bizarre incidents are becoming more common. In fact, India TV reported that the incidents of insects being found inside the human body is increasing.

Recently, an Indian woman had an actual living spider taking up residence inside her ear. So, when the young boy in Kazakhstan complained of excruciating ear pain his parents apparently knew enough to take him to his local doctor. What the doctors found was far more than extreme ear wax build up.

The doctors examined the boy’s ear and to their shock and nerve rattling amazement there were dozens of maggots living inside the boy’s ear. These creatures had to be removed immediately and the doctors made a video which captured the careful procedure as it was being carried out.

The medical video showed the doctor using tweezers to remove each one of the dozens of maggots one-by-one, as he set them down in a silver surgical dish. After the procedure was over the video was released on social media and has become viral. According to India TV the maggots, “are believed to be the larvae of a bluebottle or blow fish.”

Unfortunately, this is not the first and may not be the last case where insects use the human ear as a nesting place. Aida Abdybekova, deputy director of the Kazakhstan Scientific Researching Veterinarian Institute agrees with the conclusion and indicated,” It’s not the first time that such case has occurred. There are cases when insects lay their eggs or larvae inside the human ear canal,” which is why precautions have to be taken to prevent these occurrences.

Individuals and families are advised to keep their homes clean and pest free as well as use a covered bin as the rubbish attracts flies and insects during the summer months.

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