Young Woman Beaten And Bitten In Own Home

A young woman says she no longer feels safe in her home after she was attacked, beaten and bitten by a drunken intruder. Emily Campbell, told a court how she was punched, bitten and had a chunk of her hair pulled out by Stacey Bunyan, age 30. When Bunyan was questioned as to her actions in court, all she could do was claim she’d been “too drunk to realize it was the wrong home”.

Emily, told officials she had been enjoying a quiet Friday night at home with her mother, who was recovering from cancer, and her six-year-old niece. Life just “isn’t the same”, explained Emily. “The one place you should feel safe if your own home. Thanks to her, we never will again.”

Emily told how on the night of the frenzied attack she’d gone to bed early. “It had been a difficult time,” she recalled. “I’d just started my second year at Glasgow Caledonian University and Mum had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She’d lost her hair and loads of weight, so she never left the house. She was recovering but very frail, and being monitored for the all-clear.”

Ms. Campbell told how she woke-up around 1:30am when she heard the door open and a loud scream from downstairs. She said she grabbed her robe and ran downstairs finding her mother in the hallway with an intruder – a young woman.

The woman slurred, “’This is my house’ – the whiff of vodka fumes coming off her was powerful, she must have been drinking for hours. I could hear the fear in Mum’s voice as she cried, ‘Who are you, you’re in my house!’”

Emily testified that she “rushed forward to protect her and that’s when the girl lunged at me.” She told how Bunyan grabbed her hair and pulled her to the ground, punching her over and over and kneeing her in the nose as she tried to scratch her.

“She was baring her teeth like a crazed animal. Then she tried to bite me. I screamed for help and seconds later, two of my neighbors came running. They couldn’t pull her off me. Three more came and managed to get her off.”

“It took five grown men to free me. She was taken to the hallway, but kept insisting my house was hers. Despite everything, I looked at her with pity. Especially when she wet herself. Bunyan then made a break for it but fell down the stairs, breaking her nose.”

When police arrived and arrested Bunyan they took statements from both Emily and her mother before they were transported to the hospital. Ms. Campbell said nothing was broken, but she did suffer facial swelling and a split lip. Ironically, Bunyan was also taken to the hospital, and placed in the same ward as Emily.

Bunyan told the court how she had finished her shift at the bookmakers, then went to the pub where she spent the rest of the night. Her lawyer told how Bunyon hadn’t come away “unscathed” and had to be treated for “severe facial injuries” after falling down the stairs.

Bunyan pleaded guilty to assault at Paisley Sheriff Court but was let off with a £400 fine and £400 compensation. She admitted the attack, but said she couldn’t remember the details.

R.L. Grimes

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