Burger King Customer Shocked By How Employee Treated 94yo Veteran [VIDEO]

A 17-year-old Burger King worker recently went out of his way to thank a World War II veteran for his service, a move so heart warming the story is now making it’s way across the Internet.

Tina Readus of Cape Girardeau wrote on her Facebook page that an older man was in front of her and her mother Saturday when a young employee came from the back and extended his hand toward the man.

When teenaged Burger King worker and aspiring Air Force airman Divante Nicholson spotted Haas’ veterans’ hat, he interrupted his own shift to come out from behind the counter and shake the 94 year old man’s hand.

The elderly man thought the teenage employee just wanted to see his coupon when Nicholson said, “Oh no, I just want to shake your hand and thank you for your service and for my freedom in our beautiful country.”

Nicholson explained that his dad was in the military and that he plans on joining himself after he graduates high school.

According to KFVS-TV, Nicholson said that he made it a point to say “thank you” to every veteran he comes across.

“People must take the time to recognize what certain people have done for us,” Nicholson said. “As our generation, those men have fought, have taken care of us in order for us to have the generation in which we live. So therefore, we should take the time to recognize that and thank them for what they’ve done.”

Readus made sure to get their names and their stories. Turns out the older man is Kenneth Haas, a 94-year-old World War II veteran. The young guy is Divante Nicholson, who told Readus his father was in the military and that he plans to go into the Air Force after graduation.

“So this is just a shout out to these two wonderful men that I had the pleasure of meeting just by chance at BK,” Readus wrote. “Oh I also got a hug and kiss on my cheek from Mr. Haas.”

Article Sources: KFVS-TV /Video Credit: Tulsa World TV

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