• April 15, 2024



Election Day is very close. Many Americans have already voted. I live in Pennsylvania, so, early voting is not an option for me. Only absentee ballots are easy to obtain.

Usually there is no big line-up but I have a feeling that there may be one this year. The Republican Party registered over 243,000 new voters, including nearly 100,000 former Democrats.


Americans are waking up and the tide is changing.

32Can Americans really believe the polls? I think not. An internal memo was leaked by Wikileaks that the polls are weighted to show Clinton in the lead to discourage Trump supporters from voting.

This is very easy to see by the difference in the size of the crowds for each candidate. It is not possible to believe that Trump is not drawing in massive crowds in comparison to the tiny crowds that Clinton has a difficult time drawing in. Where do you think the vote is going? I believe Trump will get it.

Trump is my only option. I will not vote for a candidate who is under investigation by the FBI and is now involved in WEINERGATE.

pa-doneVoting for Clinton is taking away my freedom, as well as the freedom of all Americans. She wants to diminish the Second Amendment. Hillary lies. She lied to the FBI. In my opinion, she would be a disaster for this country.

Hillary Clinton has been involved in government for approximately 30 years. She has done nothing for the American people except getting involved in scandals.

She and Bill have taken contributions to the Clinton Foundation from foreign countries that have the worst human rights one can possibly imagine. She has become a millionaire through working in politics. Politics doesn’t pay so much if you are not taking money with ‘Play for Pay’.

On the other hand, Donald Trump is not a politician. He is not a part of the corruption that has taken over Washington D.C.; what can we lose? I feel there is nothing that can make things worse for Americans. We have nothing to lose by electing Trump. In fact, Trump may be the best thing for America.


Trump will lower taxes for the middle class, create jobs, abolish Obamacare, vet the immigrants coming into this country, give Veterans proper care, support a ‘Law and Order’ system and many things including making America first.

I am asking every good American to join me and take this once in a lifetime chance to vote for a non-politician and ‘Make America Great Again’; vote Trump.



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