“Baby It’s Cold Outside” Celebrities Who Left Their Bras at Home

When you think about it, it’s kind of ironic.  Many young girls come from very poor families and some could not even afford a bra.  Now that they are older and make a living in from of one type of camera or another, they can’t always afford to be seen wearing one.  Like the old Carole Lombard movie “It Pays To Advertise.”

It doesn’t always have to be a cold day.  It could be abrasive clothing that has a tendency to shift back and forth.  Either way it is fun to look.  Today, I have posted a compilation of various stars of varying professions who decided to display themselves in order to arouse interest.  (Pun intended)

Yes, it can be irritating, and embarrassing, when nipples poke their lil’ selves through t-shirts, sweaters, and/or padded bras, even layers of clothing, for all the world to see, and overstaying their welcome at times, too.

What makes these teeny twins (or just one of them) stand at attention? Well, the skin of the nipple is rich in a supply of special nerves that are sensitive to certain stimuli. When stimulated, the nerves send a message to the smooth muscle in that area to contract.

When the muscle contracts, the nipple gets tighter, producing a nipple “hard-on.” The stimulus can be physical (a loosely fitting shirt that moves back and forth over the nipple), or it can be a drop in temperature. It can even be a psychological stimulus, like thinking about something sensual or sexual.

These special nerves are part of the autonomic nervous system, which is instrumental in helping the body prepare for sexual activity.

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