• June 15, 2024

TODD STARNES: Atheists Demand Town Remove Church Welcome Signs

 TODD STARNES: Atheists Demand Town Remove Church Welcome Signs


A group of perpetually-offended atheists, agnostics and freethinkers are threatening to sue a small Wisconsin town because of two welcome signs.

The signs, which were posted some 50 years ago, read, “The Churches of Oconomowoc Welcome You.”

The Freedom From Religion Foundation said the welcome signs are unconstitutional because they are not neutral toward all faiths.

“It endorses religion over non-religion and Christianity over all other faiths,” FFRF attorney Ryan Jayne wrote in a letter to town leaders.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is on a national crusade to eradicate public displays of the Christian faith. They typically target communities that do not have the financial resources to fight back.

“I’m sure they have the best intentions but it sends a message that you are not a favorite citizen because the favorite citizens are Christian citizens and the second problem is it violates the constitution,” Mr. Jayne told Fox 6.

Mr. Jayne, told Lake Country Now if the signs had been promoting Islam residents would not be so supportive.

“I think a lot of Christians would understand the problem with that,” he told the newspaper. “Because Christianity is the majority religion, I think it’s often difficult for people who are in that majority to understand why it feels that way.”

Mayor David Nold told the newspaper they are consulting with their attorneys to determine if the signs are actually on public property and if they are – whether the signs must come down.

Local residents are not too happy with a bunch of out-of-town atheists stirring up a stink and several supported using public funds to fight the FFRF.

“That’s uh, that’s I can’t think of a word. What’s wrong with that? You welcome everybody,” said Jerry Johnson.

The Wisconsin-based Institute for Law & Liberty fired off a letter to the town council urging them to stand firm.

“It takes something more than a sign put up by private parties reflecting a message of welcome to inflict constitutional injury,” president Richard Esenberg wrote in a letter obtained by the newspaper.

Leave it to a bunch of atheists to get their panties in a bunch over a welcome sign.

The good church people of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin extended them the right hand of fellowship to the atheists and the atheists extended their middle finger.

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