Anti-Trump Protesters Interviewed On Presidents’ Day — You WON’T Believe What They Said

MSNBC dedicated a portion of its Presidents’ Day coverage to people protesting Donald Trump across the country.

“I’m here for the travel ban,” a woman in Los Angeles told Gadi Schwartz.

When Schwartz pressed her to elaborate, she responded, “gosh, I’m nervous.”

“It was just upsetting that people with green cards who are getting detained for no reason,” she continued. “I’m also here for all the deportations that have been going on. Families are being separated, and it’s just sad to see that.”

Jose, a young boy taking part in the Atlanta protests, told Mariana Atencio that he “[hates] Trump and so do my parents and other friends.”

“He deported my father and my uncle because they were illegal immigrants,” he added.

“Did that young boy just say that Donald Trump deported members of his family?” host Katy Tur relayed to Atencio.

“He said Donald Trump deported his uncle and his father,” she answered. “They are still deported.”

Ron Allen spoke to a retired teacher in New York City who explained that her “major issue” is that she “[wants] this country to stand for what I taught my students it stands for.”

“Decency, civil rights, a welcoming attitude, honesty, facts.”

The woman further added that it will take more than protests to get her message across.

“I think it has to be resistance to his entire regime,” she explained. “I think it’s a very busy agenda to take back what’s right for the country.”


E. Goldstein

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