DOJ To Redefine Bathroom Access

Even though it sounds strange to say, one of the biggest issues of the final year of the Obama administration was where to go to the bathroom. The issue developed simply because Obama and his liberal underlings believe that the Federal Government has they right to stick their nose in every aspect of a citizens daily life. But the framers of the Constitution clearly stated that the rights not specifically stated in the constitution as th purview of the Federal Government remained with the Citizens and the States.

Fortunately, the new Trump Administration understands that and has been moving at record pace to return those rights to the people where they belong. Now, the new head of the Department of Justice is working on removing the regulations that under federal law allow 60 year old male perverts to go to the restroom with your teenage daughter. The administration sees the Obama directive that allows students to use school restrooms of their choice as a clear violation of the Constitutional authority of the Government.


Yesterday, White House spokesman Sean Spicer said President Trump has long held that such matters should be left to the states to decide. I think that all you have to do is look at what the president’s view has been for a long time, that this is not something the federal government should be involved in, this is a states’ rights issue.”

A draft letter has been obtained, by The Washington Post  that will be released to all schools today. The White House intends to roll back the Obama directive allowing transgender students access to the restroom of their choice and stopping them from participating in school athletics of the opposite sex. The letter also states that the Obama directive “has given rise to significant litigation” as administrators, parents and students “struggled” to understand and implement the Obama position on the issue. The letter does however, insist that schools must protect all students and the undoing of the directive “does not diminish the protections” available to all students. 

President Trump was a vocal critic of the Obama administration’s position during the 2016 campaign. President Trump said in a phone interview that the directive was becoming a “massive story” despite only affecting a “tiny, tiny” percentage of the population.

At that time, Candidate Trump said: “It’s a new issue and right now, I just don’t have an opinion. I’d like to see the states make that decision.” He was also very outspoken when North Carolina passed a law on bathroom use by transgender people. Requiring them to use the restrooms for their sex at birth. Mr. Trump also said at the time: “I think that local communities and states should make the decision. And I feel very strongly about that. The federal government should not be involved.”


Only North Carolina has enacted a law restricting students’ bathroom access to their sex at birth. But several states are considering similar actions. Ryan Anderson, a senior research fellow with the Heritage Foundation, said “We can find a way in which the privacy and safety of transgender students is respected while also respecting the privacy and safety of all other students.



R.L. Grimes

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