Anti Trump Golden Globe Ratings Are In And They Have Taken A HUGE Nosedive!

Decades ago, the awards shows for movies and the like almost seemed to serve as notifications for home video releases or movies being released in theaters.

Remember, in days gone by you would have a film that had been out for months already get another go round in the secondary theater market whenever awards season would come around.

It was almost how people decided what movies they were going to go see.

Now, it’s practically unnecessary. Think about it for a moment, you have a million different ways to figure out which movies you are going to see with review sites and word of mouth being just a couple of them.

Added to that, think about the number of movies you might watch this year and think about how many of them you watched solely because of an award that it got.

Sure, the awards shows are great for the whole pageantry aspect of it but other than that they are an irrelevant thing of hte past. Added to that the fact that everyone that goes anywhere near those shows are making everything political than it becomes something one would enjoy even less.

Via Breitbart:

According to early estimates, Sunday night’s Golden Globe awards telecast is looking at a decade low in the ratings.

The far-left Deadline reports that last year’s Golden Globes hit a six-year low and, despite a lot of wishful thinking and a solid NFL lead-in, this year’s ratings came in a full five percent lower.

Following the six-year ratings low of last year’s Seth Meyers hosted Globes, NBC were looking for a win in the numbers. However, on a Sunday of little primetime competition on broadcast or cable and the big lead-in of that Philadelphia Eagles’ close win over the Chicago Bears, it looks like the Comcast-owned net were denied.

The 76th Golden Globes snared a 12.7/21in metered market results.

In the final ratings, the 2018 Globes hoisted a 5.0 rating among adults 18-49 and 19.0 million viewers, a double digit demo decline from 2017 and the worst the Hollywood Foreign Press Association event had done since 2012.

After two years of the Globes being hyper-politicized due to Hollywood’s near-fatal case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, this year’s ceremony was widely advertised as a non-political event.



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