Amtrak Worker Can’t Believe Eyes When He Sees Elderly Vet’s Hat. What He Does Next Is Going Viral [WATCH]

We owe the Greatest Generation a tremendous debt of gratitude. As they get older and older, we have an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to showing our appreciation. One Amtrak worker saw such an opportunity and took the time to show his appreciation for a 99 year-old WWII veteran.

New York’s Penn Station is one of the busiest train hubs in the nation. Thousands of people come and go every day, and most don’t seem to stand out. However, 99-year-old Ed is mostly deaf and a veteran of WWII. All he wanted to do was get home. But, then a young Amtrak worker immediately pulled Ed aside, and asked his older coworker to come over and have a closer look at the unassuming veteran. It was almost like a game to them.

The young Amtrak worker had spotted an old man near the back of the line wearing a veteran’s hat. The man, Ed, was 99-years-old and and also a naval combat veteran of World War II. He was mostly deaf and even wore a sign around his neck letting everyone know.

Dwayne fast tracked the veteran to the front of the line, but he didn’t stop there. He Called his fellow employees over, he pointed out just how special the man was.

“This man! This man right here!” said Dwayne who started clapping.

Upon Johnson explaining to the crowd what was happening and encouraging them to honor the man as well, “Let’s give him a round of applause! He’s a World War II veteran and 99-years-old.”

Thunderous thanks so loud he could hear it, overwhelmed the veteran as he was escorted with honor to be the first to board his train.

As he escorted him he was heard saying, “Man, thank you so much. You paved the way for me.”

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