• February 23, 2024

A Voter Confronted Adam Schiff In Public And Absolutely Destroyed Him….

 A Voter Confronted Adam Schiff In Public And Absolutely  Destroyed Him….

A pro-Trump GOP strategist and activist is going viral for telling Democratic California Representative Adam Schiff to go from Congress completely because he’s a “sick man,” as opposed to running for a Senate seat.

After longtime senator Dianne Feinstein passed away on September 29, a large number of House Democrats, including Schiff, are running for the vacant permanent seat.

The Los Angeles Times reported on November 3 that the “two well-funded House Democrats have been pacing the field since the beginning of the year” in the so-called jungle primary, which involves both Republicans and Democrats, had Schiff and Rep. Katie Porter in a runoff. This was according to several polls taken in the fall.

Still, “pacing the field” is a relative term: the Times cited a poll in which Porter led Schiff 17 percent to 16 percent; other candidates included former Los Angeles Dodgers star Steve Garvey, a Republican who entered the race in October, at 10 percent, and hard-left Democratic Rep. Barbara Lee, at 9 percent.

According to The Hill’s story on November 17, an Emerson College survey yielded comparable findings, with Schiff leading the pack at 16 percent and Porter at 13 percent.

X Strategies CEO Alex Bruesewitz is extremely disgusted with this development. There are many reasons to be disgusted with Schiff, including his near-constant mendacity, his battle for social media censorship, and his pushing of the Trump-Russia hoax to the point where he was fired from his position as the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee.

Bruesewitz claimed he “ran into [Schiff] at the airport” in a video that quickly went viral when it was shared on social media on Monday. He had a rather direct, if courteous, message for the man.

“I think you should be ashamed of yourself and how often you lie to the American people,” Bruesewitz said.

“I hope you lose your Senate race — which it looks like you’re doing — and that you retire from American politics, because you are a sick man.”

“Thank you,” he said, concluding the encounter.

The person recording then told Schiff, “Thank you for costing him a lot of legal fees with your subpoena.”

Bruesewitz was asked to provide testimony in front of the House committee looking into the Capitol intrusion on January 6, 2021.

In a June post on X, the GOP activist said, “Adam Schiff knowingly sent out BS subpoenas to dozens of innocent citizens. Forcing people to spend fortunes to defend themselves. Not just with the Russian collusion big lie, but also with the sham January 6th committee. Schiff used both of those lies to personally enrich himself and gain political notoriety.”


The location and time of the Monday encounter are unknown. But Bruesewitz clarified in a follow-up piece why he thinks Schiff should step down from elected federal politics.

“Adam Schiff is a sick man who should’ve been expelled from Congress a long time ago,” he said.

“He defrauded the American taxpayers with his bogus Russian collusion witch hunt and then did it again with the sham J6 committee,” Bruesewitz said.

“He is also now targeting @elonmusk because Elon stands for free speech.”

Bruesewitz provided a link to an InfoWars post regarding the most recent spat between Musk and Schiff, but you can read about it without going to any Alex Jones-related sites: Probably the most well-known of the 25 House Democrats, the congressman from California signed a letter on November 21 that said the X owner supported anti-Semitism.

In the letter, Schiff and others said they had “grave concern” about the platform’s “ongoing failure to abide by its own policies governing the promotion of misinformation and hateful, violent, and terroristic propaganda videos, which shockingly have been used by the company for profit.”

“This follows a troubling pattern of increased antisemitism on the platform since Mr. Musk’s purchase,” the letter continued, positing “a near-doubling of the total number of antisemitic tweets in his first three months of ownership.”

You won’t be surprised to learn that the majority of the sources referenced in the missive are sympathetic to Schiff and in no way represent the real problem of anti-Semitism on the platform.

Furthermore, rather than sharing the widely held MSNBC-tastic idea that everyone belongs on the platform, from moderate liberals to unreconstructed communists and nobody in between, Schiff has long fostered a dispute with Musk over the latter’s conviction that individuals of all voices belong there.

Similar Democratic names signed a letter in October opposing the platform’s “election integrity” staff members’ terminations, indicating their displeasure that the opinion police were being let go.

And last year, Schiff claimed that Musk “calls himself a free speech absolutist to justify turning a blind eye to hatred and bigotry on Twitter. But when journalists report unfavorable news, they are banned without warning. The devotion to free speech is apparently not that absolute. But the hypocrisy is.”

Regarding the Russia lies, they are so numerous and persistent from Donald Trump’s administration that they hardly merit repeating.

When Schiff was kicked out of the House Intelligence Committee in June, he declared that he would “not yield.”

According to The Associated Press, he said that the act was a “badge of honor” and that it had not moved an inch.

Naturally, the California Senate candidate does not wear his Californian heritage as a “badge of honor,” though he does appear to think that being an insider would be a more accurate descriptor. CNN reported last month that Schiff maintains his California residence mainly for tax purposes and that “a review of past comments, pictures shared on his public social media, and records indicate Schiff makes his full-time home in Maryland.”

Since George Santos is no longer a representative, it may be argued that Schiff has been the most egregious liar in the House during the last ten years, especially when it comes to advancing the claim that the last Republican president was a Kremlin asset.

Even if he would phrase it more diplomatically, he wants conservative viewpoints on social media to be restricted.

Furthermore, he is unable to provide the real address of his residence.

Even if it might not be a mental disease, that is undoubtedly a good reason for him to retire.


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