25 Female Celebrities Who Shun the Use of Underwear [PHOTOS]

It’s amazing to me how many A list celebrities who make vasts sums of money but can’t afford underwear.  Or maybe it’s just because they understand that it pays to advertise and that sex sells.  You also have to wonder how many wardrobe malfunctions are actually  wardrobes  that operated according to a plan.  After all, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian became celebrities thanks to leaked sex tapes.

 Every so often, generally around awards season, the phenomenon of women “going commando,” or sans underpants, becomes a frenzied topic of conversation (usually because some svelte celebrity or other shows up and admits they can’t wear underwear under their Dior).

For us lesser mortals who aren’t required to forgo underwear to fit into couture, however, the decision seems less clear-cut. Are there health risks or benefits associated with going commando? Are we all in danger of catching diseases by having our vulvas run loose like free-range chickens?

The answer is, as with most questions of this kind, a mixed bag. While there’s distinct scientific evidence about male underwear and its impact on sperm count and fertility, because female reproductive organs are inside rather than outside the body, we’re safe from any panty-related fertility problems.

However, when it comes to the complex matters of skin irritation, potential UTIs, fissures, vaginal secretions, and other wonders of vaginal underwear choices, it becomes clear that the choice to toss one’s panties into the drawer for the day is a more interesting one than it may appear.

H/T Celebrity Lane and Bustle

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