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12 Photos That Prove Scarlett Johansson Is One Of The Most Desired Women In The World

 12 Photos That Prove Scarlett Johansson Is One Of The Most Desired Women In The World

There are dozens (if not hundreds) of desirable women out there in the world. You might think your friend’s mom or Ms. Whitehall from freshman year can compete, but that’s just not true.



Some of the images are much to risqué for Dailyheadlines to host on our site, however with some creative googling you should be able to find those dirty pictures if you are so inclined


Scarlett Johansson is one of the most beautiful and sought-after actresses in Hollywood. If you have a hard time believing that, check out the following 12 pictures. Be careful though, slide number nine will make you break up with your girlfriend.

12. Scarlett Johansson Transcends Makeup

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We’ve all seen a girl first thing in the morning without makeup. At times, it can be surprising or downright frightening. There are a select few that can pull off that look though. Then there are people like Scarlett Johansson who might even be better without makeup. It’s just not fair.

11. Man’s Best Friend

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What happens when you combine man’s best friend with man’s most desirable woman? It’s the ultimate combination of cute and sexy that is difficult for most people to even process. Look at this picture if you dare but just be warned. There are too many endorphins to handle.

10. Pretty People Can Be Funny?

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Usually, for men and women alike, they have to choose between looking good or being funny. Very rarely do these two forces collide. When they do though, look out. Scarlett Johanson is that perfect blend of charming, gorgeous and hilarious that’s just not fair to all of us normal folks.

9. Every Guy’s Dream

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It’s safe to say Scarlett Johansson’s role in The Avengers converted many men “on the fence” to die-hard Scarlett fans in no time. She’s the perfect blend of badass, sexy and witty. If that’s not a guy’s dream girl, then try to find a better one. Seriously, go ahead.

If her role in Marvel movies is a little too tame for you, read on to slide number six to get a little wilder.

8. Care For A Run?

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Everyone hates running, but what if you got to run with Scarlett Johansson? Furthermore, what if you got to run behind Scarlett Johansson? You get it, right? If you don’t, just gaze at this picture for a while until you figure it out. Once you do, try to pry your eyes away and look at the next beautiful picture.

7. Look Out Beach Babes

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If you are a self-proclaimed “beach babe,” you best avoid the beaches Scar Jo (yes, we’re calling her that now) hangs out at. She’s a lean, mean, beach-loving machine, and she will put the competition to shame. So don’t even worry about getting the beach body this summer. Just stay home and give up, because you don’t have a chance.

6. Take A Walk On The Wild Side

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Johansson stars in some kid-friendly movies, but she’s not all unicorns and fairy dust. She certainly has a racy side, evidenced by some intimate photos that were leaked on the internet. She’s probably a lot more careful now, but the people have seen it and now, we can’t get her out of our minds.

You think this in the pinnacle? It’s not. Read on to slide number three to see how Scarlett stacks up against the best in Hollywood.

5. A Voice That Hypnotizes

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Scar Jo isn’t all about looks. There are many irresistible elements to her persona. Take her voice for example. In Jon Favreau’s Jungle Book, Johansson was cast as the voice for Kaa. As we know, Kaa lured people in with her hypnotizing talents. Scarlett’s voice in real life is probably not much different.

4. It’s Not Just Hollywood Magic

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“Hollywood magic” is a thing, and it turns average joe’s into whatever the opposite of that is. Not for Johansson though. She is so naturally beautiful, that her effect even works on Broadway. Sure, she is allowed to wear makeup, but other than that, it’s just her, some lights and her jaw-dropping talents.

3. She Stands Up To The Competition

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It’s not easy being in movies with some of the most attractive people on the planet. Despite that, Johansson holds her own against the likes of Robert Downey Jr., Gwenyth Paltrow, Chris Evans and more. In fact, she may even make them look more beautiful simply by being there.

If you’re still not sold on the popularity of Scarlett Johansson, then number one will surely change your mind.

2. But Can She Sing?

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The short answer is yes. Scarlett Johansson can sing. The long answer is yes. She can sing well and look beautiful doing it. Is there anything this girl can’t do? Sure, she probably can’t give open heart surgery, but we’ll give her a pass on that one.

1. The Facts Don’t Lie

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In 2013, Esquire named Scarlett Johansson the “Sexiest Woman.” A few years have passed, but you can’t take that title from her. In fact, there’s a very good chance she still is the sexiest woman out there. The facts don’t lie and neither does this picture. You be the judge.

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