• February 22, 2024

12 Hotties Get Roasted After Asking The Internet For Photoshop Help

 12 Hotties Get Roasted After Asking The Internet For Photoshop Help

A lot of women have an issue with self-image. Not loving yourself on the outside can have negative consequences on the inside. Some women decide to turn to the Internet for validation. Others turn to the Internet to get someone to use Photoshop on their pics to change they way they look.

The problem is, these girls turned to the wrong graphic artists.

Their first mistake is a lack of specifics. Photoshop artists take things at face value. If you are too vague, they will take you as literally as they can. With Photoshop, we can do anything and be anyone. Be careful when you ask them to make you into a “cat.”


James Fridman is notorious for his Photoshop trolling. He is a beacon of hope in a laughless world. Sometimes he can be very poignant in pointing out the fact that people are beautiful for who they already are. As you’ll see in the upcoming slides, he doesn’t always go so easy on his subjects.


This poor girl (who still uses AOL for some reason) was a little too vague. She obviously has an issue with her round head even though heads are typically shaped like that. Fridman decided to give her a look that was the exact opposite. Hopefully, she’ll see the beauty in her currently round head now.

When Photoshop is not required to make a point about beauty, you post a picture of Barbie. The doll has been our society’s metric for beauty for quite some time. Some people have created images of what Barbie would actually look like in real life. It’s not so pretty. The next artist in #8 made an appropriate addition to knock his subject’s socks off.

Just when you think your slick pose is that of a professional model, a Photoshop artist comes along to knock you back down to Earth. In this case, the girl has been knocked to the moon, Alice! What? No Honeymoonersfans out there? Educate yourself on some sitcom classics, kids.

This girl’s first mistake was not explaining what a highlight is in makeup terms. Her second mistake was not knowing there is a tool specifically for highlighting. Her third mistake was making her hand easy to insert a writing utensil. Our next subject in #6 made the mistake of wanting to look like Kim Kardashian.


First of all, when you ask a graphic artist to make your booty “bigggerrr” you will be penalized. It is important to be concise and correct in your grammar when speaking with a Photoshop guru. Otherwise, they are going to use up the entire frame of the image you provided.

The problem with questioning your self-image is a lack of outside perspective. “Hayley J” looks perfect in the original image. It’s a good thing James Fridman came along to show her that longer legs aren’t what she needed. The foxy girl in #4 didn’t need an adjustment, but her dad definitely did.


Her father is probably saying, “there’s no way this girl is my daughter.” They look nothing alike! It’s a little more awkward that your dad is chilling on a public beach in a tiny speedo. Fridman could have added some shorts while he was at it. He obviously had more images to correct.

Please, do not ask a graphic artist to do “just about anything” on a picture you provide. You open yourself to just about any situation a mind can come up with. Luckily, James Fridman is an honorable human being and just decided to cover her up. The following bikini-clad babe in #2 really learned her lesson about spell check.

Show some respect to the graphic artist you want to manipulate their photo. None of his friends call him “J” and why should you? Also, that is a perfect right angle with some cute little wings on her belly. At least she wasn’t shallow like the final girl in #1.

When you decide to be a shallow b___ you are going to get called out for it. James Fridman is a rose amongst thorns. Hopefully, she learned a little lesson in humility and care for others when she got this piece of art back. My guess is she probably did not.

We hope you learned a little lesson about being specific when asking a graphic artist to do some work. Manipulating images in Photoshop leaves infinite possibilities open. Remember to be clear and concise, descriptive, and for goodness sakes, check your damn spelling. James Fridman is probably really busy granting somebody’s graphic wish. He is also probably taking them way too literally.

If you want James Fridman to change your photos you can tweet him @fjamie013. Learn from the previous girls. Remember, you are already beautiful the way you are and don’t need Photoshop to feel better about yourself.

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