YouTuber Sets Liberal World On Fire With Video of ‘Wife Training’ Using Shock Collar [VIDEO]

There are jokes that some people can take and there are jokes that some people can’t. This falls into the latter category. Liberals don’t have a sense of humor when you violate their worldview of things, feminists in particular.

Question: How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb?

Feminist answer: It’s not funny and it’s none of your business anyway!

You get the gist.

So you can see why things have been less than awesome for this YouTuber since uploading this video that pissed off feminists around the world.



One quick glance at this YouTube channel and you can see that other than the occasional prank, and Milf video, there really isn’t anything too serious on it. YouTuber Banshee Moon has come under fire for a recent video posted on the channel. Smart people can tell that the video is just a funny skit but the Internet and the feminist movement are not full of smart people apparently.


This is Jennifer King. She also goes by Farm Girl Jen on the YouTube channel that she shares with her husband. This is also her typical attire, skimpy clothes that show off her assets. Not bad for a 50-year-old woman huh?


This is Jason King. He goes by Exoman on YouTube. He is typically the one who comes up with the video ideas that the couple share on their Banshee Moon channel. His latest video has pissed off a ton of feminist and social justice warriors.


The video is called “Shock collar wife training! Easy and affordable!” The description of the video says: “How to train your wife with the latest in spousal correction shock collar technology from Man’s World Incorporated!”

With a title and description like that, you just know they are asking for trouble. One of the first comments on the video said: “Too funny but I just can’t wait to read how you have offended the PC community! Lol”

That commenter couldn’t have been more right.


The very next comment said: “I’m unsubscribing, I love women and my wife, in particular, You guys were entertaining when you first set out, It’s now like a circus show, who’s going to pay the most for the naked shot, To be honest, fill your boots, get as much as you can for her to be naked, it’ll happen once and everyone will move on….keep the swimsuits and you’ll last a lifetime. Or not.”

Ouch, butthurt much dude?


In the video, Jennifer wears a shock collar designed for dogs as part of her ‘training’ to learn how to be a better wife. The collar was of course controlled by Jason.  Most normal-thinking people would get by now that the video is a joke, but we live in a day and age where left wingers are just sitting around waiting to target something, anything, that they can claim offends them, and they will set off to destroy the world of the people behind it, all in the name of creating a utopian heaven on earth.

The couple defended the video saying that they made it as a joke, but many viewers said it was a sick video that was sexist and promoted abuse.

A commenter said ‘so not funny’ and ‘disgusting’, while another person said ‘Both of you should be ashamed of yourselves.’


The video also received an alarming number of comments from men saying they need one for their wives and similar statements. Jennifer and Jason stand by their word and insist that the video was meant to be funny and not meant to offend anyone.

“The reception was kind of what we expected, we had some people who understood that this was a joke and found it hilarious,” Jason said. “Others were completely offended and wished to have us banished from YouTube for the misogynistic hate crime of having a woman play the stooge. Then there were those people who cannot differentiate between reality and performance and actually believed that what they were seeing is how we live and they were the most outraged. I actually got threats of violence and even death threats for abusing my wife.”

Jennifer added that they “love working together.”


Regardless of what the couple says, it’s unlikely that those who are upset by the video will be satisfied.

You can’t make a liberal happy once they’ve started down a path of hatred, regardless of the facts that come out.  Most liberals got the FACTS vaccine as a kid, and now, as adults, they don’t get FACTS.

Many of these leftist clowns are concerned that the video will inspire copycats that can actually hurt someone. Check out the video for yourself and see what you think.

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