Young Single Mom Faced With Legal Action – You Won’t Believe Why [WATCH]

Let’s face it, young children can be a bit loud at times, especially when they are playing around the house. Most neighboring adults just accept the noise as an adorable nuisance and accept that they were just as annoying when they were children.

However, one mother, Sapphire Curzon, from the U.K was recently threatened with legal action when her landlord received noise complaints about Ms. Curzon’s young son, Callum. The 2-year-old boy lives with his mother in a small one bedroom flat and spends his time at home playing with his toys and learning about the world around him.

Ms. Curzon knew that her son could be a little bit noisy when playing around the house but she never thought that it was loud enough to warrant a legal complaint. Nevertheless, after several residents on Ms. Curzon’s floor complained, the single mother’s landlord sent her a message that threatened her with ASBO.

ASBO’s are unique to the U.K and stand for ‘Anti-Social Behavior Order’, a non-criminal charge that often results in minor punishments, such as community service or small fines.

However, the precedent of the message is more important to Ms. Curzon who is now worried whenever her son makes a noise, saying: “All my son does is run around and play with cars, trucks and building blocks. I find myself now constantly telling him off. But I shouldn’t tell him off because he’s playing. It’s just what a child does. He gets excited. Whatever noise my son makes I feel like I have to scold him straight away…essentially having to stop him from having any fun.”

Faced with no other choice, the law-abiding mother has tried to limit her son’s noise, telling SWNS that “it’s really making me frightened because I’m scared of going to court. I’m not a criminal, I’m just a single mum with a toddler son.”

It is hoped that the growing online support for the troubled mother will result in more understanding from the woman’s landlord.



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