Young Man Suffers Liver Failure And Has Two-Weeks To Live, Doctors Blame Popular OTC Drug

Motivated to improve his lifestyle, 27-year-old Matthew Whitby, a young father from Australia, was determined to shed the weight he has put on over the years. He was eager to replace the fat with muscle and look his best. It was his goal and he went after it with fierce persistence.

 He started with research and asking for advice. He learned about some popular weight-loss products, protein powders, green tea extract, and a 70% garcinia cambogia supplement. He started taking those along with adding exercise to his daily routine. If everything went according to plan, like his research claimed, Whitby would be shedding fat and gaining muscle in no time.

But within a week of taking them, Whitby started feeling more tired than usual. But he just ignored it and attributed it to the change in lifestyle. After two months, he finally sought medical care. That’s when doctors told him that he had a liver failure…

Based on the 2 million or so testimonials, Whitby started taking his dietary supplements every day and changing his lifestyle. But he learned too late that it was not doing what it promised.

He told from the hospital: “I did a bit of research before [buying the powder]. It had good reviews and because it was Australian I felt more confident buying it.”

 Because he was taking all of these “health” supplements, Whitby’s life is at risk. And his child might grow up without a father. When he finally got in touch with his doctors, he was given just two weeks to live.

Whitby learned the devastating news from his sickbed. He desperately needed a liver transplant. And the only one available was infected with hepatitis B. He accepted.

But because he took dietary supplements that have never been regulated, he must “take a tablet every day for the rest of my life, but [he’s] just grateful to be here.”

Doctors think the green tea extract was what caused it. But they’re not ruling out the potentially dangerous garcinia cambogia supplement. Both have been linked to liver failure.

Although these supplements can cause severe and life-threatening health problems, they are approved for sale in Australia. How many more young fathers must face death before the government will step in and protect innocent people?

 Allegedly, green tea has fat-burning benefits. This was probably why Whitby was attracted to the substance. But taking too much can have disastrous effects if you don’t measure it carefully.

Additionally, garcinia cambogia is a tropical fruit taken for weight loss. While it might help the body stop producing fat, WebMD claims it is not worth the risk. Although it does appear to work, the effects are not significant, a study in the Journal of Obesity found.

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