YOOPERS Have Told Greedy Troll Whitmer To BACK OFF!

If you have ever spent time in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, you can probably tell that the people that live up there have a particularly independent spirit about them.

I have driven the highways in that great part of our country and I can tell you the idea of the restrictions that are being put on them by their governor are pretty damned silly.

You mean to tell me that there are forty-mile stretches of road where you can’t find a gas station, yet somehow everyone has to act like the bomb is dropping or the zombies are coming. Give me a break!

Thankfully, these wonderful people are standing up for themselves..

Michigan’s Baraga County Officials Have Told Michigan’s Ice Queen, Governor Gretchen Whitmer, to shove her totalitarian COVID rules where King George don’t shine.

As you recall, Whitmer created unconstitutional COVID rules in Michigan that were ruled unconstitutional by the Michigan Supreme court.  So, instead of stopping her tyranny, she doubled down and enacted the same Orwellian rules again via her lapdog Department of Health and Human Services.

Now, in a new document from major Baraga officials, dated January 11th, 2021, all five county commissioners, a prosecutor, a clerk, a treasurer, and the sheriff all compared Wretched Gretchen’s tyrannical rules to those of King George III which sparked the American Revolution.

“Since March 10, 2020, the people of the State of Michigan have endured restrictions on their freedom which have not been seen in North America since the days of King George III and the American Revolution.”

They went on to chastise the corruption of their political leadership in lower Michigan’s capitol of Lansing who consider their constituents to be nothing more than filthy farm animals to be herded by their masters:

“…our leadership has ignored the protections guaranteed to all American citizens by the Bill of Rights in favor of medical models designed to predict the course of a still, for the most part, unknown virus.  The result has been the unilateral adoption of clearly unconstitutional measures that treat human beings like herd animals…

The megalomaniacal capriciousness of leadership was also touched upon, in which all complicit politicians act as Gods who “arbitrarily pick economic winners and losers” on a whim, a bias, or perhaps a bribe.  “Our citizens’ rights to assemble, to freely practice their religion, to travel, to keep their property, businesses, and jobs, even to dress as they please have all been swept aside…”

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