• June 25, 2024

“Worst I’ve Ever Seen”, Man Posts Brutal Images Of Horrific Sunburn [PHOTOS]

 “Worst I’ve Ever Seen”, Man Posts Brutal Images Of Horrific Sunburn [PHOTOS]

We’re in that period now where we all take a look outside, decide the shorts are coming out, and then have to make a snap decision about sun cream.

Many of us come to the conclusion that the British sun can’t actually be that powerful and that we’ll take our chances. Then, for some reason, we all get really surprised when we get home at the end of the day and our bodies are lit up like Blackpool illuminations.

In fact, stores in the UK like Boots and Superdrug probably make more money off sales of aftersun rather than sunscreen, given that any self-respecting Brit is perhaps too willing to take on the elements.

Greg Binnie was one of those willing to risk going out without sun cream, thinking that because he was in Scotland, burning would be impossible.

He was, er, a bit wrong…


“I was through in Dumfries cutting grass all day on Saturday,” Greg told LADbible. “In all fairness, I thought I was feeling so hot because I was grafting.”

“I knew it was hot but didn’t expect it to leave me looking like that.”

“I was actually back working on Sunday in the same place, I knew I was burnt but it wasn’t until I got home Sunday night that it started to blister really bad.”

Bloody hell. It looks like someone has spilled a packet of Frazzles on him.

It goes without saying that he’s in utter agony – as anyone who’s suffered this level of sunburn will know. In fact, he’s had to stay off work and is yet to leave bed. He hasn’t even tried putting a top on.

“I’ve been stuck in bed for two days now – which is driving me up the wall ’cause I worked Saturday and Sunday overtime to get a bit of extra dough, and here I am having to take a few days off this week,” he said.

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