Women’s EXTREME Public Torture Makes A Painful Point About Our World [PHOTOS]

A cosmetics store in the United Kingdom has taken an extreme approach to showing just how vehemently opposed it is to animal testing — it’s depicting some of the procedures on a pained looking woman in one of its store windows.

Jacqueline Traide agreed to put on a flesh-colored bodystocking and be force fed, smothered with lotions, and have her hair shaved in full view of on-lookers passing by the Lush store on Regent Street. The message of the stunt being “stop testing cosmetics on animals” (Lush is a “cruelty-free” chain).

Life after these laboratory tests is nothing more than a living hell, for many animals, death is a blessing in disguise.

Animals are tied to wires and forced to stay in a stationary position for years in an isolated chamber. Burns, skin rashes, blindness, unhealthy, and muscle contractions are not uncommon among these lonely and depressed creatures.


Lush used a brilliant and disturbing method to highlight what these labs do. The idea was appreciated by many and criticized by a few saying “they went too far.”

Cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies take the front seat when it comes to such horrendous practises. Lush, a cruelty-free cosmetic company has for the last 30 years fought against animal cruelty. In fact, they “will not buy any ingredient from any manufacturer or supplier that tests anything they produce on any animals for any reason.”


They subjected a human to the same experimentation and documented the entire process!

The aim was to unveil the harsh reality of the inhumane and unethical treatments forced on animals. Lush wants to bring a change in the way people look at the commodities of daily use that are animal tested. The company believes consumers ought to know what they buy, where it comes from, and what innocent creatures go through so that some of us can enjoy certain products.


Jacqueline Traide, volunteered for the tests which were to be publicly displayed in London, England.

Jacqueline donned a skin-tone suit while she was experimented on in front of the public so that everyone was able to get an idea of what happens to the voiceless animals in laboratories. Doctors were instructed to force feed her different compounds even if she objected, tie her and stretch her mouth, shave her head, and give injections, in the same way animals are treated.


According to Lush “Non-animal methods have been shown to be scientifically superior – and usually take less time to complete, at a fraction of the cost of animal experiments.”

Jacqueline was restrained for long hours in protest and was bold enough to put her existence at stake for the sake of opening the eyes of the world. Very few people would dare to go to such great lengths.


Cruelty Free International and the Dr Hadwen Trust estimate 115 million animals are used for tested annually around the world.

The top countries in animal testing in order are USA, Japan, China, Australia, France, Canada, the UK, Germany, Taiwan, and Brazil.


The vast majority of testing is not done for drug and cosmetic research but rather for basic research such as genetically modified rats.

Other alternatives to animal testing include cell cultures, human tissues, computer models, and human volunteers.


Source: lifebuzz.com

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