Woman’s One Night Stand Gets Secretly Filmed — Then She Finds ‘Dookie’ In Her Shoes

An unnamed woman came forward to allege that she met a Tinder date at a Jan. 21 party, went upstairs to have sex with him, noticed someone filming them without her consent, and then found poop in her shoes, CBS North Carolina reported Friday.

Police formally charged 82nd Airborne Soldier Jeffrey Creech with illegal possession, along with a misdemeanor charge of obstruction of justice for deleting the video, according to a Friday press release from the Fayetteville Police Department. Creech was currently stationed at Fort Bragg.

The female victim met her partner on the popular dating app Tinder and attended the same party as Creech, according to the report. The soldier then allegedly filmed the event and shared the images with a number of friends via Snapchat.

The woman realized that the couple was being filmed and confronted Creech with the fact that neither party in the film consented to his alleged recording, only to then discover that someone in the room had left excrement in her boots during the encounter.

Creech allegedly deleted the video from his phone during the course of the police investigation, resulting in the obstruction of justice charge. He was originally jailed with a $2,500 bond, but he’s made bail and is now free, according to the local police department.

The announcement comes months after a widespread scandal with soldiers in the Marine Corps in which soldiers shared pictures of female soldiers through a secret Facebook Group called “Marined United 3.0,” according to a report from The Daily Beast.


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