Woman Flashes The Camera During Game And Enrages Other Fans, Should She Be Arrested?

A Miami Marlins fan made waves on social media after she partially exposed her breasts in an effort to distract the opposing team’s pitcher.

According to Daily Mail, the moment occurred during a game on May 10th between the Marlins and the St. Louis Cardinals at Marlins Park, . While a Marlins player was at bat, a woman sitting in the front row behind home plate pulled down her orange top and shook her chest back and forth, displaying her cleavage to Cardinals pitcher Christian Yelich as well as the television cameras.

The man sitting to the woman’s left was sports radio talk show host Andy Slater, who gave her an amused glance in response to the brief exhibition.

To her right were two other women dressed in the same Marlins garb. They routinely attend Marlins games with super-fan Laurence Leavy, aka Marlins Man, who also turns up at other sporting events throughout the country and calls the women his “mermaids.”

“Turned a quadruple play tonight with an assist from Marlins Man,” Slater wrote on Twitter during the game, posting an image of himself with four “mermaids.”

Leavy, 61, is the principal of a Miami law firm. He and the women who accompany him to the games are well known to baseball fans. They sit directly behind home plate and usually wear bright orange clothing, making it hard — if not impossible — to miss them throughout the game.

But not everyone is a fan of Marlins Man. The Daily Mail reports that, in 2015, the owner of the Kansas City Royals asked Leavy if he would wear something other than his trademark orange jersey to games so as not to be a distraction. Leavy reportedly said no.

In 2016, Leavy had to forgo the World Series — an event he usually attends — after reportedly receiving threats from fans of both the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians.

“I’m very upset not being there,” Leavy told the Miami Herald.

He said the last time he attended an Indians game he was harassed by drunken fans.

“People were trying to take my visor, rip off my jersey,” he said.

“At first I thought it was just a couple of drunks, so I started walking around the stadium and things just got worse to the point where I was asking concession workers for security. There was none,” he recalled.

And while the Indians tried to make it up to him by offering him free tickets, Leavy said he is unlikely to ever return to Progressive Field.

“How do I know there won’t be a wacko in Cleveland — or someone for Cleveland in Chicago — looking for me?” he said. “Cleveland could have won that series in Chicago. I just figured it wasn’t worth risking my safety on these lunatics from Cleveland.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Miami Herald

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