Woman On The Run From Cops, Makes One VERY Social Mistake [PHOTOS]

It’s safe to assume that frumpy trailer girls working backyard meth labs in the sticks aren’t going to be at the leading edge of the intelligence bell curve. Therefore it may not be super surprising that when Tara Anders went on the run after cops busted a cooking operation where Anders was involved, she continued to post happy-go-lucky selfies and romantic shots with boyfriends to her social media accounts. More telling perhaps to the police looking for her, she alerted everybody to the fact she’d bleached her hair blond. Disguises aren’t what they used to be.

Horry County, South Carolina police raided the home where Anders was living on May 22 after noting suspicious comings and goings. That’s code for something far more profiling than would be politically correct to state in earnest. Anders’ roommates girlfriend alerted cops she saw Anders skedaddling out the back with some bottled filled with milky bubbly substances. In her flight, Anders left the containers, which forced police to bring in Hazmat units to clear. These millennials and their chemistry sets always threatening to poison or blow up the neighborhood.

As if Anders didn’t know she was being searched for, the police posted her previous mugshot to Twitter along with a hashtag of her name. That ought to give you some prompting to lay low if you’re Anders and you’re not planning on turning yourself in. But Anders chose a different path. She continued to post party pictures on Facebook and her new hot looks while some of her friends noted, “You look great. Hey, aren’t the police looking for you?”

Indeed they were. And this past weekend, they caught up to Anders in what you assume was not a horrifically challenging search. Anders was charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and disposal of waste from production of methamphetamine, that would be the dropping of deadly bottles of chemicals on the ground during flight. You wonder what the social media access might be like in prison. Also, the hair salon color options. Tax payer funded in the least.



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