Woman Goes Under For Boob Job, Wakes Up In Horror To See The Botched Job He Did To Her Nipples

A young woman claims she has been left scarred for life, after a now-banned surgeon performed a botched breast augmentation which made her nipples ‘rot away’.

Before and After Kristy’s Surgery

Kirsty Adam a 24-year old from Glasgow paid £6000 to UK company Transform Medical Group to undergo mastopexy also known as breast enhancement from a 36D to a DD cup after weight loss caused her boobs to sag.

The procedure went horribly wrong after she was left with necrosis, a condition that causes the death and decay of cells.

“Nothing is where it should be. Everything is too high up. My breasts are really hard, they’re sore and I have no nipples,” Adam claimed after the procedure.

“Every time I went back they took bits off. I thought it was to help the skin regenerate and grow again,” Adam told The Sun.

“After the surgery, I went to get my dressings changed. The nurse said that I had necrosis — rotting flesh,” she continued.

Adam claims that despite cleaning her wounds and changing her bandages, nurses refused to accept that something was wrong. But the Brit native knew there was a problem when her nipples started turning black.

“I looked down at it and it was black. I knew it shouldn’t look that color, but I trusted the nurse,” she said.

Still uncomfortable with her blackened nipples, Adam demanded to see another surgeon, who re-examined her and gave her antibiotics for the infection. She has since undergone further procedures in order to remove the rotting flesh in her breasts.

“I knew this was possible from my research because the nipples are getting taken off and put back on and sometimes part of it cannot heal right,” Adam added.

A year after Adam’s initial procedure, her surgeon, Dr. Vana Vasilescu, was put under close investigation and has been removed from Britain’s General Medical Council register, reports The Sun. She is no longer allowed to perform surgeries in the U.K.

Kirsty claims she was offered £250 compensation as a ‘goodwill gesture’ but rejected the money.

Sources:  America Now

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