Woman Gets Caught Red-Handed LYING About Police Racial Profiling

A Wisconsin woman withdrew her complaint Tuesday against the Greendale police department after a police investigation gutted her accusation that she was racially profiled at a traffic stop.

Katherine Torres alleged that a police officer had pulled her over and asked for her social security card and citizenship status before requesting a license and insurance. A Tuesday police statement revealed video evidence that the police officer, Sgt. Michael Karczewski, had asked Torres and seven others for their social security numbers, but not their citizenship statuses.

Torres withdrew her complaint after the investigation, FOX 6 reported.

The police statement said that Karczewski stopped eight people May 31, half of whom were Caucasian, and issued eight citations and gathered eight social security numbers, one of which was Torres’.

Karczewski initially pulled Torres over because her vehicle was missing its front license plate, a violation of Wisconsin statutes. Torres then received a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt, as well as two additional verbal warnings.

“In reviewing the audio and video recording captured on Karczewski’s in-squad video system, the allegation that Sergeant Karczewski questioned Ms. Torres about her citizenship is false,” the statement said.



E. Goldstein

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