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Woman Faces Consequences For Mutilating Boyfriend’s Ex-Girlfriend’s Corpse At Funeral

 Woman Faces Consequences For Mutilating Boyfriend’s Ex-Girlfriend’s Corpse At Funeral

A woman was charged for mutilating a corpse during a funeral home viewing.

28-year-old Shaynna Sims from Oklahoma was arrested for cutting off both breasts and a toe from the corpse of her husband’s ex-girlfriend Tabatha Lynch, 38.

Sims, a makeup artist, was supposed to help prepare the body for the funeral. But, just before the public viewing of the body, witnesses say Sims reached into the casket and slashed the body with a knife, reports the Daily Mail.

Attendees say the dead woman’s face was also slashed and that her hair was cut off.

“She had makeup and lipstick smeared all over her face; her hair was just all over the place,” said Charlotte Wheeler, Lynch’s mother.

Funeral director Robert Gardner testified that two women entered his office during the funeral saying that somebody “pulled a glob of hair” from Lynch’s head and had left it on the floor.

Lynch’s missing breasts and toe were never found.

Prosecutors called 12 witnesses who slowly pieced together how Sims allegedly earned the trust of those closest to the deceased woman by assuring family and friends that she was a skilled makeup artist who wanted to help prepare the victim’s body for a funeral viewing.

But instead of helping, the friends testified, Sims allegedly removed body parts from the victim, stole her shoes and slashed the woman’s face.

According to Tulsa World, Sims left the funeral home for Lynch’s old apartment. She posed as a funeral home employee to enter the apartment complex, where she then attempted to steal Lynch’s jewelry.

She had also taken a pair of the victim’s shoes from the viewing facility.

Police arrived soon after and arrested Sims at the dead woman’s apartment. Arresting officers say she was found carrying a knife that had Lynch’s hair on it.

During the trial, Assistant District Attorney Reagan Reininger said Sims was a “scorned wife” who was “so eaten up” over the idea that her husband was having an extramarital affair with Lynch.

Prosecutors said defense attorneys were “slut shaming” Lynch for having an affair with Sims’ now estranged husband, Montie Smith, reports the Daily Mail. Reininger denied the accusation, and instead tried to characterize Sims as “not in the right state of mind.”

“We understand a person being jealous; we understand a person being angry,” said Assistant District Attorney Tanya Wilson after Sims’ conviction. “And she probably had every right to be, but … she took it a step too far.”

Tulsa County District Judge Kelly Greenough upheld the jury’s recommendation that Shaynna Lauren Sims serve seven years in prison for first-degree burglary, five years for unlawfully removing a body part from someone who is deceased, two years for knowingly concealing stolen property, one year for unauthorized dissection, and one year for disrupting or interrupting a funeral.

She was sentenced to 16 years in prison on June 2, and was ordered to pay an additional $6,500 fine. The judge declined to give Sims credit for time served since the crime took place in 2015 and also granted the prosecutor’s request that sentences be served consecutively, rather than concurrently.

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