Woman ENRAGED When She Finds Out Why KFC Fired Her

 Woman ENRAGED When She Finds Out Why KFC Fired Her

Georgia Carter was ecstatic when she landed a job at a KFC in Richmond, Virginia. “I went to my boyfriend and said I have a job,” Carter told WRIC. “I am an active member of society. I was so happy.”

“You have got the job,” Carter recalled the manager saying. “‘I am going to start you out at $7.50 an hour. It is yours. We are going start you training on the computer tomorrow.”

However, Carter claims the offer was rescinded less than an hour later when the manager realized she’s transgender. “He was like ‘my supervisor and I have a problem because on your license it says male but you’re’ … I said ‘I’m transgender.’”

Carter said the manager claimed that she couldn’t have the job because they were unsure which bathroom she would use. However, the manager claims he never offered her a job, that it was simply an interview, but that he would reconsider if she legally changed her gender on her driver’s license.

Hiring discrimination based on gender identity is not illegal in the state of Virginia, The Advocate reported. However, in 2014, Governor Terry McAuliffe protected state workers from discrimination on the basis of both their sexual orientation and gender identity.

When you are an employer you are faced with all kinds of problems, created by liberal governments that pander to crazy people for votes.  A license is issued by the state, which means it’s an official state document.  If the person doesn’t identify with the gender on their state-issued license then they should have it changed.

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