Woman Discovers Her Car Is Filled With Cement, Then She Realizes Why [VIDEO]

In an unusual series of events, a disgruntled husband filled his wife’s car with cement as an act of revenge after she changed her surname to the name of a local supermarket.

The story began when the unnamed couple was experiencing a marital “rough patch”.

Apparently, the wife changed her last name without telling her husband of her plan. The woman changed her name to “Veniy,” the name of the supermarket chain she works for. The name, somewhere ironically, translates to “Loyal.”

It seems the store was having a promotion in which it promised to pay people around $875 a month to change their name to the store’s name, and to pay for as long as the participant kept it that way.

If that wasn’t strange enough, the husband’s choice of revenge method came straight out of left field.

A passerby caught the act on camera as the husband helped the hired cement truck driver back up to the open window of a red four-door sedan before he gave the driver the order to send the concrete down the chute and into the small vehicle, filling it all the way up to the windows.

Seeming pleased with himself in the video, the husband smiled and spoke jovially to the man with the camera throughout the incident.

The husband reportedly chose to take his anger out on the car because he knew that his wife treasured it, keeping it pristine inside and out.

The video posted to YouTube has received more than 1.8 million views and thousands of comments in four days, many expressing concern about how extreme the husband’s reaction was.

“I hope this idiot gets a fine,” one person commented.

“The [truck] driver could be prosecuted,” said another. “Just like this guy, as technically he was the one who poured the cement. Why would he agree to do that?”

While undoubtedly unusual, it seems the act of filling a car with concrete as revenge is not unheard of.

Another man in Russia was caught on camera filling a double-parked car with cement because it had blocked his exit and, according to a report from Snopes, a common urban legend that has been around since the at least the 1970s involves a scorned lover filling his wife’s car with cement, citing a specific case of the legend involving the owner of Tyson Foods.

“The legend has been repeatedly told about Don Tyson of Tyson Foods Inc. In that version of the tale, Tyson’s wife spots the chicken king’s expensive new Cadillac convertible parked in front of some other woman’s house, calls a cement company, and has a truck come over to fill his car with concrete. In 1992, public relations folks at Tyson headquarters said the story was apocryphal and that they’d been hearing it for 20 years.”

H/T: Daily Mail

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