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Woman Discovers Boyfriend’s Dark Secret He Has Kept Since 1983

 Woman Discovers Boyfriend’s Dark Secret He Has Kept Since 1983

When second-grade teacher Candy Williams met Jovan Collier, she thought he was the man of her dreams. She later learned that Collier was hiding a terrifying secret.

“I was looking for someone to share my life with,” Williams told 20/20, according to ABC News. “I was just missing a significant other that I really wanted.”

Williams said that when Collier approached her on a beach in Florida, he was charming, funny, and a smooth talker. The two began dating shortly after. Collier also told Williams about his experience with loss.

“I’d been through a lot of tough times, lots of deaths in my family,” said Williams. “That first day at the beach, he told me that his parents had been killed in a tragic car accident by drunk drivers. He had always felt like he was missing something.”

Collier later revealed to Williams that the parents who had been killed in a car accident were adoptive, and his birth parents had tracked him down.

In 2008, Collier told Williams that he was no longer speaking to his birth mother. He told her that it was because she had disliked Williams, but in truth, his mother had discovered a secret Collier had been keeping since 1983.

In May of 1983, police investigated a gruesome murder scene in southwestern Wisconsin. The Zimmer family, including Hans and Sally Zimmer, and their 10-year-old adoptive son, Perry, had been brutally shot and stabbed in their farmhouse. The culprit was soon found to be Peter Zimmer, the couple’s older adoptive son.

Peter was found guilty of the murders, but was tried as a juvenile and only served a year for each murder in a school for boys. When he was released, he inherited his victims’ money, and began going by the name Jovan Collier.

Williams, still unaware of Collier’s past, broke things off with the man after discovering his profile on a dating website. Williams began to receive hundreds of emails from Collier, at first begging her to take him back, then becoming hostile and threatening.

Williams contacted Collier’s birth mother about the emails. When his mother’s husband answered the phone, he asked her if she knew about the murders, which is when Williams learned about Collier’s brutal and secret past.

Collier became angry that Williams had learned about the murders, and his threats became more violent. He also posed as Williams in online sex chats, inviting strange men to her home.

According to Daily Mail, Collier was later arrested and charged with felony stalking, . He was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in a Florida state prison.

Photo credit: Candy Williams via ABC News

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