Whoopi’s Latest Anti-Trump Rant Is So RIDICULOUS, “View” Co-Hosts Couldn’t Swallow It [VIDEO]

Whoopi Goldberg and Jedediah Bila argued on Tuesday’s broadcast of “The View” about whether Donald Trump’s values differ from those of the Taliban regime.

“We keep hearing about terrorists hating our American values,” Goldberg stated. “So let me ask you now.”

“We have had a leader who’s repeatedly demeaned women, calling on the media to shut up, specifically wants to give preferential treatment based on religion, uh, are these values really much different than the Taliban?”

“I mean, you’re talking about Trump’s values?” Bila asked in shock.

“Yesterday I was thinking about this,” the “Sister Act” star responded. “All of these things that I have been hearing, have our values changed? What’s happened? Are we still fighting?”

“I think there’s a difference between Donald Trump and America,” the former Fox personality shot back at Goldberg. “When I think of our values, I think about the values outlined in the Constitution and whether or not my president at the time is a reflection of that, doesn’t necessarily mean that the values of the country or the people have changed.”

“I definitely think there’s a difference between the Taliban who’s beheading people and chopping off heads and an American president that you may disagree with,” she added.

“But if he said ‘I don’t like what you did, you’re fired,’ is that different?” Whoopi asked a second time.



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