White Social Justice Warrior Says Black Police Cars are Threatening To Blacks [VIDEO]

Social Justice Warrior Cindy Jaquith showed up at a Board of Selectmen in Bolton, she made what could be the daffiest social warrior comment of all time.  She claims that blacks are intimidated by police cars that are black.  Maybe chartreuse with magenta pin stripes would be better?  Others in attendance thought her idea was just silly.

Cindy Jaquith said:

“As white people we may not have that feeling, especially you as white males. But I can assure you that my daughter is quite intimidated by the dark police cars and the tinted windows, it’s a HUGE issue. And if you’re any person of color it’s an issue. So I would highly recommend going to the white cars.

People are concerned about it. There are a lot of people that are intimidated by it. In other towns I’ve lived in they’ve taken it quite seriously.”

“I wrote about my daughter. I agree with you that our police are great. But there are some people who see it as an issue. Other towns have seen it as an issue. This is not an unusual thing to have an issue with. People of color have an issue with it, and I’m afraid we are not people of color.”

  Jaquith has an adopted black daughter. The police reached out to her according to Blue Lives matter and the girl said her adopted mother is lying and that she is not afraid of black police cars.

H/T Blue Lives Matter

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