• February 23, 2024

While Some Americans Suffered, How Biden Spent Thanksgiving Will Make You See Red…

 While Some Americans Suffered, How Biden Spent Thanksgiving Will Make You See Red…

President Joe Biden celebrated Thanksgiving like a king, despite the fact that an increasing number of Americans were having financial difficulties each month.

Biden spent Thanksgiving on an opulent estate in affluent, upscale Nantucket, Massachusetts, owned by billionaire David Rubenstein, before departing for yet another vacation.

Fox Business Network reported that he actually left Washington, D.C., well in advance of the holiday, as Air Force One was spotted landing at Nantucket Memorial Airport on Tuesday night.

Before the Thanksgiving week visit, the White House and federal security officers descended on Nantucket Island with a horde of operatives, according to The Daily Mail.

For a week before the holiday, large military cargo planes had started landing at Nantucket Airport.

Some of them included a fleet of enormous, armored SUVs and motorbikes designed to transport the president and his retinue from the airport to the Rubenstein property.

The sources also stated that the president’s motorcade would consist of around 20 cars, 30 motorcyclists, an ambulance, and 12 police cars.

The Nantucket property would be the place of living for grandkids Naomi Biden and her husband Peter Neal, Finnegan, Maisy, Natalie, Little Hunter, and infant Beau Biden, according to a report from the White House.

The president’s calendar was clear for the whole week, with the exception of a Thanksgiving Day call to service members.

Indeed, Joe’s public availability on Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. was “called a lid” by the White House. “Call a lid” denotes the president’s decision to stop making public appearances and engaging in public service.

Delivering pumpkin pies to firemen on Thursday served as Biden’s Christmas “photo op,” but he also took a moment to address the release of Israeli captives held by Hamas militants, according to Reuters.

It was also stated that the family celebrated Thanksgiving Day by plunging into the frigid waters for an annual “polar bear plunge.”

Fox Business Network noted that Biden’s choice of holiday accommodations kept away other visitors who planned to spend the holidays in the region since every hotel in the vicinity was packed with law enforcement personnel, White House support workers, Secret Service agents, and media representatives.

For the past three years, the Bidens have been traveling to enjoy the holidays at Rubenstein’s house. Since 2021, Rubenstein, a co-founder of The Carlyle Group, a private equity firm, has allegedly offered the Bidens $34 million for their 13,000-square-foot mansion on a 14-acre plot.

Forbes estimates the worth of Rubenstein to be $3.5 billion.

However, as Joe and “Doctor” Jill reveled in the height of luxury, things were significantly worse for the majority of Americans.

This year, the cost of Thanksgiving dinner for individual Americans was over the roof. When compared to the price of the menu components during Donald Trump’s administration, the total cost of the Thanksgiving fixings increased by a punishing 25%.

The American Farm Bureau Federation reports that it may have cost as much as $61.17 on average to feed ten guests for Thanksgiving. That is a pretty poor comparison to the $53.31 recorded under the Trump administration.

Additionally, turkey was more expensive this year than it was under the Trump administration. This year, a 16-pound turkey cost, on average, $27.35, according to CNBC. That same turkey only cost $20.80 in 2019, the year of Trump’s last year in office, according to Forbes.

Unfortunately, Thanksgiving Day in New York meant that for some low-income Americans, there was no turkey in the oven. This is because of allegations that illegal aliens overflowed the local food banks in New York City and devoured all the turkeys intended for legal people living under the New York City Housing Authority.

Joe Biden’s actions made Thanksgiving less joyful for almost every middle-class and lower-class family in America, even while he continued to live in luxury. Hopefully, the election in November will be able to fix this.



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