When you’re in the water here’s what you don’t want to hear from police [video]

When you are out for the afternoon with a group of paddle boarders what is the last possible thought going through your mind? Well according to the Orange County Register, the warning that boomed out from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department helicopter down to the group in the water that sent them scurrying for dry land in a hurry might be the answer.

Last week, an emergency 24-hour shark advisory was issued after 15 great white sharks were seen swimming dangerously close to the shore at Dana Point. Imagine the frantic response anyone in the water at that time had to have had when Capistrano Beach officers warn paddleboarders and swimmers near the surf line, “You are paddle boarding next to approximately 15 great white sharks,” Deputy Brian Stockbridge said in the video.

What followed had to be even more alarming when they heard, “you really, really need to get out of the area!” It is even more disconcerting when one views the aerial footage shot by the sheriff’s department of the 15 great white sharks getting closer to the swimmers.

For many who frequent the beach and the water near Capistrano Beach in Dana Point, this may not come as too much of a surprise. Recently the sharks have been spotted in that area south to San Onofre State Beach. In fact, a woman was bitten by a shark April 29 and the same area had been placed under a shark advisory recently.

OC Lifeguards Chief Jason Young said there were two reports in the Capo Beach area. In addition to the sheriff’s helicopter sightings, there were secondary reports from people on the beach who saw a shark breach. He emphasized, “The report we got from the sheriffs was very similar to the reports we’ve had before with the juveniles in the area at Beach Road,” he added. “We had dropped the advisory as of yesterday and put it back on today,” according to the Orange County Register.

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