• April 13, 2024

What Will Anarchist College Students Be Like As Tomorrow’s Adults?

 What Will Anarchist College Students Be Like As Tomorrow’s Adults?

Rioting College Students ‘All The Rage’

If the rebellious, anarchistic, disrespectful college children we see are the youth of today, what will they be like as the adults of tomorrow?

That’s not a rhetorical question. What can we expect from young people who today are everything we would expect the offspring to be like, if “Rosemary’s Baby” had married one of the witches from “Salem’s Lot” and began to procreate at a prodigious rate?

The rich spoiled little Marxist domestic terrorists of the 1960s, who were and are the true faces of privilege, exchanged their tie-dye shirts, military fatigue jackets, Mao’s Little Red Book, riots and taking over campus buildings for Calvin Klein, Dockers, and Donna Karan. They then infested higher education by becoming professors, department heads, and in time became university chancellors and college presidents. During this period they have successfully replicated themselves, installing their progeny into every area of government and anti-traditional American advocacy group. They have successfully neutered society vis-a`-vis political correctness and cultural Marxism.


The protests, flag burning, and the pernicious heterodoxy of today’s campus anarchists is not new, it’s just transmogrified from an excess of stupidity to unmitigated insanity.

Thus begs answer to the question: If the Marxist elementals of the 1960s produced the mindless hooligans, who today are demanding the removal of our nation’s flag from our universities what they be like as tomorrow’s adults?

In approximately 52 years blacks have gone from advocating for their Constitutional civil rights, (hate-filled Communists like Angela Davis notwithstanding), to demanding special rights based solely on skin color. Black students have gone from fighting for integration to now demanding colleges acquiesce to their demands for segregation.

If miserably ignorant black youth on college campuses today have been so profoundly inculcated with a self-destructive intellectual dishonesty that they willfully accept stenotopic environs and malaise that robs them of modernity – what will they be like as adults?

It would have been difficult for reasoned minds to foresee the movement by black college students of today who are demanding skin-color based segregation in practically every facet of college life. If they are so painfully foolish as to believe this is advancing a viable agenda modeled for success, what can be expected of them as tomorrow’s adults?

If colleges and public schools are knowingly depriving children of today the great literary works that were penned by the greatest writers in literary history – what understanding of American culture will the young people of today understand as the adults of tomorrow? (See: PUBLIC School in Virginia Bans Two Classic American Novels Over Concerns About ‘Racial Slurs’; Aleister; thegatewaypundit.com; 12/2/2016)

occupy-destroyIf morally opprobrious calumniators masquerading as educators are depriving young people today of developing interest in these literary classics by successfully poisoning their minds against said historical literary works – what can we reasonably expect these young people to embrace as adults?

Young blacks are bombarded with one or two famous quotes of Dr. Martin Luther King but apparently, they have either forgotten or they have never learned what the struggle for Civil Rights was about. If many young blacks today have rejected modernity out of a debilitating and self-limiting belief that embracing same is tantamount to being an Uncle Tom – how will they view life when they are the adults of tomorrow?

Since the founding of America we have watched our young people adopt, embrace, and advance the bar of achievement by elevating modernity to the gold standard of exceptionalism in our brief 200-year history. However, if the young people of today refuse to realize and embrace that truth, what does a tomorrow, in which they are the adults, hold for the future of America?

Every fiber of the fabric of the America I/we love and value is under attack. Cultural-Marxists are determined to change America – and not for the better. We have witnessed the revising of history by so-called educators that has led to historical illiteracy heretofore unimagined.

We were fortunate enough to have remaining members of America’s great past and the progeny of same valiantly withstand the neo-Leninism advanced by Obama and the elitist Republican establishment by rejecting the establishment dictates in the 2016 presidential election.

But in the time remaining, should the Lord tarry in His return – based upon the young people we see today, conceding that they do not reflect the whole – are there enough young people of substance today for us to be secure about the future?


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