• April 19, 2024

What Joy Behar Just Did May Have Jesse Watters Filing A Restraining Order…

 What Joy Behar Just Did May Have Jesse Watters Filing A Restraining Order…

For the daytime TV audience, the progressive ABC chat show “The View” frequently descends into Orwellian two-minute hate sessions.

The crowd attentively applauds each talking point as the hosts alternately tarnish the current state of affairs. However, Joy Behar, the co-host, could have gone too far in a recent “View” tirade.

Behar was defending certain LGBT-themed Christmas merchandise that was being offered at Target, including a typical nutcracker soldier figure with a “pride” motif.

When Behar got there, she recommended using the nutcracker to physically harm a certain area of Fox anchor Jesse Watters’ body.

On his earlier episode of “Jesse Watters Primetime,” Watters had criticized the items and the awakened agenda that was behind them.

Watters picked up on Behar’s veiled threat.

The Fox News presenter made a potentially humorous statement, saying that Behar would likely face a complaint and probably even a restraining order.

In addition to threatening Watters, the co-hosts of “The View” segment managed to criticize Fox News, Republicans, Christians, and House Speaker Mike Johnson during the video.

It’s surprising the rambling co-hosts managed to rope in so many people from their enemies list, given the theme was a garish holiday item. Perhaps that shouldn’t come as a surprise, as it frequently appears like tolerant progressives want nothing more than to vent about all the people they hate.

Watters responded by acknowledging that Target has the right to sell the “pride” nutcracker, that people have the right to purchase them, and that he is free to say anything he wants about it.

However, the women of “The View” didn’t believe Watters had the right to express his viewpoints.

“They threatened to crack my nuts,” Watters said, in a clip shared on social media.

Watters concluded with a kind of punchline that suggested his intent was more mockery than litigation.

“And under New York’s red flag law, we’ve asked the police to confiscate all of Joy’s nutcrackers for my safety, and the safety of all men everywhere.”

Red flag laws are contentious because they aim to disarm allegedly dangerous individuals before they act.

Watters outdid Behar with a horrible joke at her expense, but the contentious Target item is the true sick comedy.

Behar misrepresented the “pride” nutcracker in the broadcast, saying it had nothing to do with sex. What else are the “pride” colors and symbols in the lexicons of the left, except a bold demonstration of degenerate sexuality?

Target caused controversy earlier this year when it released goods with a “pride” theme, but the retail behemoth is taking a long time to realize that “Get woke, go broke.” It was a poor marketing move to force LGBT imagery onto a symbol of one of the largest and most significant Christian festivals in the United States.

Many predict that Target’s Christmas season will be gloomy due to customers who are refusing to support the company’s progressive views.

One of the seven deadly sins was once thought to be pride. That is undoubtedly not the true meaning of Christmas.

While Watters’ ongoing criticism of the mainstream media is admirable, it’s important to remember that humility is something we could all use more of this Christmas.

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