What Caused Biden’s Sign Language Interpreter To Just Give Up Will…

It is obvious to anyone that Joe Biden is not a smooth orator like Barack Obama.

The man cannot string two sentences together without looking like a total moron, and this is the guy they decide to let give a eulogy.

It is like listening to someone read Mad Libs and it shows just how little respect Biden has for grieving families.

During Joe’s speech, he was trying to offer his condolences to a family who just lost a loved one, and in typical Bumbling Biden fashion, the entire thing went completely sideways.

My Lord, this is hard to watch…

Imagine how that poor family felt, especially when the dead man is referred to as a “CFO who dropped dead.”

The poor sign language interpreter just put her hands down and stood there, silent.

You can watch the video below: “Biden to a guest at his speech: “My sympathies to the family of your… uhhh… CFO who dropped dead very unexpectedly.”

Here’s what people online are saying:

“What’s the American sign language sign for ‘dropped dead’?”

“What an asshole”

“Shame on anyone who put this man in charge and doesn’t regret it”

“This and Pelosi mentions that we’re at war with Iraq…Say it with me people ..Term Limits “

“Look at how compassionate this man is. Blessed he’s at the helm. LOL” 

“I mean with these markets, who’s CFO wouldn’t just drop dead?”

“This is quite the masterclass on statesmanship and decorum no?”

“I can hardly make it through the cringe in these clips of Biden.”

“This is the guy who represents us on the world stage.”

“Yesterday Karine Jean-Pierre was appalled that anyone would question Joe’s mental abilities lmao” 

“I know we say this all the time, but imagine if Trump spoke like this, how the media would cover it” 

“One More Unacceptable Absurd Insane Leftist Moment In The Obama Puppet Master World We Live In”

“As I was saying…this country is a joke”

“Just when you think you can’t be shocked by this idiot anymore you get this. Unbelievable!! Hahahaha”

“So, Bo and your previous wife, “dropped dead?” Ignorant career insensitive politician.”

“President Frank Drebin.”

“What a shitty way to phrase say that. I voted for this guy.” 

“Words of comfort. This just can’t be real “

“If anyone is curious we our country is currently up sh*t creek, watch this newest video of our dually selected President”

“Can you imagine he drop dead suddenly tough stuff” How are people even listening to this geriatric dementia ridden gravy brain”

My thinking is that the Handlers are just counting the days until the midterms are over, so they can “activate” Republicans to impeach this guy and get rid of him.

What a total and complete disaster this fake presidency is.


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