We’ve All Seen This Guy Before….

 We’ve All Seen This Guy Before….

We have all seen this guy at some point in our lives, you know the one I mean. He is the one that just can’t stand to wait for anything and thinks he should always be first in line no matter when he gets there. The guy that makes an ass out of himself and ends up making thing just that much harder on himself and everyone around him.

Well this time he finally got what he deserves. Bound and determined to be the first one off a ferryboat, despite being parked on the far side of the boat, this guy makes sure he is first off the boat when it docks. Unfortunately, he probably should have waited for just another couple of minutes before he exited the boat.

Here the impatient driver gets more than the honor of being first off, when he puts his car in gear and ignores the deckhand to stop as he races off a ferryboat in the Crimea. Besides being the first one off, he also gets the prize of a free car wash and bath when he suddenly finds that the boat is not quite in its berth at the unloading dock.

The following video shows a large ship slowly making its way to land, preparing to dock as passengers wait patiently beside their cars.

Suddenly, in an attempt to be the first to get off, a moving vehicle starts making its way to the boat’s exit – and falls into the watery space remaining between land and vessel. A deckhand sees the anxious driver and tries to signal him to stop, but the driver ignores him and the car disappears over the end of the boat and into the water.

The accident is said to have occurred when the boat was approaching the pier in a port in the Russian annexed area of the Crimea, according to local reports. Another report in the publication Kerch, said there was just one person in the vehicle and that they were unharmed. The car was later salvaged from the water after emergency divers and rescuers were sent to the scene.



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