We Thought The Plumber Was Crazy When He Said To Use Kool-Aid. Then I Tried It And It Worked [WATCH]

House cleaning can be a hassle. You’re either the type of person who really enjoys cleaning up your home or you absolutely despise it. But there’s that one area in the house that no one would genuinely enjoy cleaning.

For obvious reasons, cleaning the toilet is one of those chores that’s probably at the bottom of your list of fun things to do. But, it’s not safe to wait too long before you give it a good scrubbing! Let’s get real – given its inherent function, toilets are a sponge for yucky germs.

In the video below you will be impressed how a 25 cent packet of lemonade flavored Kool-Aid can instantly clean your toilet.

Kool-Aid isn’t just for kids, toilets love to drink the brightly colored stuff, too! It turns out that this birthday party favorite is great at removing hard-water stains.

To make this magic potion, open up a packet of unsweetened Kool-Aid, sprinkle it around the rim, and let it sit for an hour. When you return, the bowl will probably look like lemonade or fruit punch – which means you’ll probably never look at a glass of Kool-Aid the same way ever again.

The last step is pretty easy – just brush and flush!

Article Sources: American Web Media

Video Credit: YouTube/Hometalk

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