Waters Wants To Impeach Trump And Hits PEAK CRAZY — “What I’m Saying Is Outrageous”

Maxine Waters shot down claims the Democratic Party is distancing itself from her calls for President Trump’s impeachment during a Tuesday interview on MSNBC.

On Monday, Waters told reporters “eventually” Trump will be impeached, which prompted House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to immediately tell the same reporters that Trump has not done anything that could be considered “grounds for impeachment.”

Still, on Tuesday, the California Democrat told MSNBC’s Ali Velshi “there’s no truth” to the rumors “that somehow what I’m saying is outrageous, and I’ve been reined in and all of that.”

“As a matter of fact, all that Nancy Pelosi said was that she was not ready to talk about impeachment,” Waters continued. “I’m ready to talk about it because I do believe that he has shown us enough and defined himself in ways that we have to be suspicious and concerned about him and we’ve got to dig deeper.”


E. Goldstein

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