Washed Up Wanda Sykes: “If You Voted For Trump, You’re RACIST!” [VIDEO]

On a recent episode of ABC’s hit comedy “Blackish,” comedian Wanda Sykes reprised her role of advertising agency owner Daphne Lido and led a workplace discussion on the presidential election and its reflection of race relations in America. When one of the white employees at the agency admits she voted for Trump, her coworkers react with shock and dismay.

When one of the company’s executives tries to steer the conversation back to work-related topics, Skyes’ character acquiesces — with one caveat. “As long as she knows that a vote for Trump is a vote for racism.” Going even further, the other black employees proceed to call their white coworker an outright racist because she supported Trump.

Mike Opelka scoffs at yet another example of liberal Hollywood grandstanding: “And there it is. There it is. The TV show ‘Blackish’ from ABC, from the Walt Disney Company, has declared it so. And we often use comedy to make a point, don’t we? I think that is a stunning turnaround from the Walt Disney Company that I grew up with.”

H/T: The Blaze

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