Wanna Be Thug Says Whites OWE Him Reparations, What He Said NEXT Has People Totally Pissed [VIDEO]

A video uploaded on social media about white people owe reparation to the black sparks outrage.

What seems apparent after viewing this video is that there are too many functional illiterates capable of using their cameras on their cell phones, and that’s the real issue.

In that social media has given morons like this a public platform to claim their 15-minutes of fame, just listen to this kid talk, and you instantly begin to realize, how silly they are, and how ill-informed those “white kids” truly are.

Perhaps rather than making silly videos this crew actually decided to open a book, better yet get an education, and learn a good paying trade.

However the mastermind seems to have the scam down perfectly and the ones doing the “reparations” seem to be those moronic “white kids” being hustled on the video.

As the young black scam artist goes from one kid then to another, each admitting that those bad white folks of yesteryear are all at fault, and somehow “all white people owe reparations!”

No doubt Obama’s call for reparations has a lot of young hucksters attempting to cash in…however in all candor this kid is actually pretty humorous and reminiscent of an old-time character actor by the name of William Thomas, Jr. nicknamed “Buckwheat” who became famous in the 1940’s TV series “The Little Rascals.”

This is like saying relatives of soldiers who died fighting for the North to end slavery deserve a check.

This is the most unbelievable thing you will see all day. If you’re white, and you don’t fall for the race baiting lies, then you are going to be ticked after watching this.

Watch as this black dude goes around to each white person asking them why they owe him reparations.



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Sean Maddox

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