Another Walmart Fire This Time In California

In the last few months, Walmarts around the country have been in the news more and more. Just last week, a woman was found dead in the restrooms and an investigation showed she had been there for three days. Early this year in North Carolina, a young man was arrested after he set fire to a clothing rack in the store, doing several thousands of dollars in damage.

In February, a felon was arrested in the parking lot of a Florida Walmart after he threatened patrons with a sword. Yes, Walmart is quickly becoming a place you don’t want to go to without a weapon. In the most recent incident, police officers arrested a man Saturday after he started a fire in a South Sacramento, California Walmart.

Witnesses told media that around 3:30 p.m., they saw a man take lighter fluid and spray it on a display shelf near several cans of paint or varnish. The man then set fire to the liquid which engulfed the area in flames. Emergency services were notified of the emergency, but by the time they arrived, Customers and employees at the store on Gerber and Elk Grove Florin roads, had used fire extinguishers to put out the flames.

Store officials said the store was evacuated during the emergency which appeared to be set as a diversion to an act of theft. During the confusion, the suspect who is believed to have set the fire, attempted to exit the store with what appeared to be a red bag full of goods. But because the man was still inside the store when police arrived, officials could not say if he was trying to steal anything.

But the man did not get off Scot-free, thanks to statements by witnesses and surveillance footage from the store, police say they took the man into custody and he is currently being held of a charge of suspicion of arson.

R.L. Grimes

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