Waitress BUSTED For Illegal Side Business [PHOTOS]

According to News: A topless waitress and her boyfriend have faced court for allegedly importing 11.2L of liquid testosterone and 180 vials of human growth hormones after a two-year sting by the Australian Border Force.

Nateesha Jennifer Barlin and Dyllan Shaw, both aged 22, faced Woy Woy Local Court for the first time since their arrest in November.


So you are telling me this guy right here ISN’T NATURAL!?!




Among the consignments ABF officers seized 13,672 tablets, 11.2L of testosterone, 600ml of anabolic steroid, 195 vials of Somatropin, 120ml of Clenbuterol, 20 vials and 55 ampoules of human growth hormone and 102 capsules of Oxymetholone (Anesterone).


Ms Barlin, whose occupation was listed on court documents as a vet nurse and topless waitress, was charged with one count of intentionally importing 200ml of anabolic steroids


The offence carries a maximum penalty of five years’ imprisonment or a fine of up to $180,000 or both.


E. Goldstein

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