Video Update: California Airbase On Lock Down Over ‘Active Shooter’ [DEVELOPING STORY]

4:50 p.m. (local time) UPDATE: A Travis Air Force spokesperson has confirmed the active shooter situation started at the base exchange. Officials declined to say if the situation was ongoing or whether there were any casualties.

Aerial video from the scene shows a calm and orderly effort to get people out of the shopping center by security officials.

The Travis Air Force Base in Solano County, California, is asking the public to stay away, as emergency crews respond to a “real world security incident.”
People have been evacuated, and the public has been advised to shelter in place and lock their windows.

The local Fairfield Police Department said it was not involved in any activity at the base.

The incident occurred on the same day the Air Force Base had planned a drill, but the base’s official Facebook account clarified that the current incident was “not associated with the scheduled base exercise.”

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