• April 15, 2024

VIDEO Of A Mom’s Surprise For 8-Year-Old Son Goes Viral, Sparking Controversy

 VIDEO Of A Mom’s Surprise For 8-Year-Old Son Goes Viral, Sparking Controversy

Footage of an 8-year-old’s birthday party featuring a dancing stripper has come under fire on social media.

The clip was first posted on Instagram sometime in March. The video shows a stripper in pink underwear dancing in front of the young boy while he smacks her rear end.

Even more disturbing are the other children seen in the footage, cheering on the birthday boy while throwing dollar bills at the stripper and laughing.

Social media users reported the incident to Tampa Police in Florida.

A police spokesperson said that authorities wouldn’t be investigating since the location of where the party took place is unverified in the video, the New York Post reported. Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department representatives say they were unaware of the footage.

The boy’s mother reportedly hired the exotic dancers for the 8-year-old’s birthday party.

Numerous people on social media accused the mother of child abuse.

“The mother should be put in jail and the stripper should be fined,” wrote one commenter. “Disgusting.”

One commenter on Reddit said, “How is this not child abuse? I’m sorry but the kid is eight years old, this was down right disturbing to watch.”

And the stripper herself has also caused outrage for accepting such an inappropriate job.

“Just cause you take your clothes off for a living doesn’t mean you can’t have the common sense to not strip for a kid,” said another Internet user.

“This whole thing is just embarrassing,” one commenter said. “What’s wrong with the stripper that she’d actually sign up for that?”

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  • For an 8 yr old? Definitely inappropriate possibly criminal.

  • does the kid need a bruder from a different mother?

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