[VIDEO] New Kennedy Assassination Information Released

On Monday, July 24th, never before seen information on the John F. Kennedy assassination was released by the National Archives. The information included items from the investigation conducted by both the Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation and contains more than 400 previously unreleased documents related to the Presidents assassination.

Among the 441 pieces of material that were released, were 17 audio files of interviews of Russian, Yuri Nosenko. Noseko was a KGB officer during the cold was who defected to the United States in January 1964. At the time of his defection, Nosenko claimed to be the case officer in charge of the KGB’s file on Lee Harvey Oswald. The accused assassin of the president had spent several months in the Soviet Union even marrying a Soviet woman before returning to the United States where he later allegedly shot President Kennedy.

A 1992 law requires that the National Archives preserve the approximately 5 million pages of records surrounding the investigation into the presidents murder and the subsequent murder of Lee Harvey Oswald by New Orleans, mob connected, night club owner Jack Ruby. Most of the records including reports, tapes, films of the actual shooting and testimony have been made available to the public since the late 1990s. But much more is still being held in government vaults.

Much of the original information was declared “top secret” and “confidential” by request of the Presidents family and his widow Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Some of that information is still sealed and will not be released until the year 2040, which has help fuel the speculation that Kennedy was the victim of prominent American political families, including possibly his own Vice President, Lyndon B. Johnson. 

Other documents included in the Monday release were items related to the probe of Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination who was murdered in 1968 some five years after President Kennedy was killed, in November of 1963.


R.L. Grimes

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